Demise of the bookmark

  csqwared 20:27 10 May 2008

I've been subscribing to PCA for a while now and it's always had an extra flap on the inside of the front cover, extremely useful I found for use as a bookmark. You could nicely tuck it into the place you were at and it didn't fall out like regular bookmarks, but, if the July issue is anything to go by, it has been consigned to that great waste paper bin in the sky. Extremely sad now :-(((

C'mon PCA, it can't cost that much.....can it??

  Forum Editor 20:53 10 May 2008

I hadn't noticed, and I have no idea why the flap has gone.

I'll try to find out after the weekend, and let you know - unless someone comes up with the answer in the meantime.

  Coffee Adict 20:56 10 May 2008

Shortage of flaps

Sorry its the heat.
I'd get my coat but its too hot.

  peg 21:08 10 May 2008

I think there is a industrial dispute a the flap factory.
I found it a little annoying when you got towards the back of the mag it just would not stay in place.
DVD or CD edition, flap or flapless edition

  TopCat® 22:22 10 May 2008

of issue 156 than normal, so maybe they preferred to see that type of presentation for the price asked. TC.

  laurie53 08:46 11 May 2008

Agree with TC.

It surely depends on if the advertising manager can find someone who wants to pay for this position.

  Quickbeam 10:32 11 May 2008

now there's a flap on at PCA...

  Legolas 15:24 11 May 2008

Or not as the case may be

  Colin 16:15 11 May 2008

Is that what it was? I thought it was when the printers hadn't cut the page properly. Ignorance is bliss!

  interzone55 20:17 11 May 2008

You know what I do?

I tear the subscription advert postcard into several strips and then when I flip through the magazine I place them in the pages I want to read fully.

Seeing as there's usually 2 or 3 of these cards in my subscription copy (why???) I rarely run out of page markers...

  Production Ed 15:39 12 May 2008

TopCat and laurie53 are correct - whether we have a flap or 'gatefold' (as we call them in the trade) depends on what the advertisers want. The gatefold has been a popular advertising position for a while and it may make a return in the future.

Train tickets make good bookmarks.

David Price

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