Dell Advert

  Terry Brown 07:40 25 Nov 2009

The Dell Laptop adert starts with the song 'Lollipop'

Does that mean that people who buy Dell machines are suckers?

  interzone55 09:06 25 Nov 2009

Considering the quality of every Dell product I've used, I'd say that people who don't buy Dell are suckers.

Then again, I've only used Dell business & enterprise products, so I can't comment on their consumer lines...

  Joseph Kerr 13:54 25 Nov 2009

And its important that people mention if theyre business users in any serious thread about Dell. It seems to make a big difference to peoples experiences sometimes.

Tho personally ive no real complaints.

  babybell 14:07 25 Nov 2009

Everytime a member of my family asks me what PC to get, I always tell them to buy a cheap Dell one. They dont use them for anything other than internet and pictures admittedly, but I've never had one that has needed repair, touch wood

  Terry Brown 14:10 25 Nov 2009

That was meant to be a funny- sorry for any offence

  tullie 14:16 25 Nov 2009

I thought that straight away,unfortunately some people,though reasonably intelligent,need a sense of humor transplant.

  OTT_Buzzard 14:38 25 Nov 2009

I have used 4 computers from Dell (3 desktops and 1 laptop) over the last 10 years or so.

It has to be said, the later desktop and the laptop which was purchased last, represented far better value for money than the ealier desktops.

Still my only frustration with Dell is their insistance on using 'unique' components, which can require you to be forced to use Dell for any upgrades or replacements.

  Joseph Kerr 15:57 25 Nov 2009

Were we all supposed to post a laughing policeman/joker on acid responce at the hilarity of it all? Well, here goes:

Whoooooooooooohahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Oooooooohhhhhhhhhwheeeeeeeeeehehehehahahahahahaaaaaaaaa etc...

Convinced we recognised it as a funny yet?

Terry, it was most chucklesome, but after alan's post I just thought id make the point.

  Condom 00:55 26 Nov 2009

well maybe I would laugh if I could read everything that people were saying but I seem to have adverts fron NGA and PCWorld covering up the right hand side of column.

  interzone55 09:18 26 Nov 2009

I also realised you were trying (I emphasise trying) to be funny, but too many people slate Dell so I thought I'd leap to their defence.

If their PCs were as bad as many people say they wouldn't be on half the world's desktops...

  Awshum 14:04 26 Nov 2009

Can't claim orginality for this, but agree, that in "a life without walls" we wouldn't need "windows".

Just another ill-thought out advertisement.

On a more serious note. Some adverts are spectacularly bad, take a look at one Sony came up with when they launched the PSP in white. click here

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