Delivery not Available (UK company)

  morddwyd 21:29 29 Jul 2018

Why would a UK company (PC World) advertise a £1000 computer on line and say "Delivery not available"?

  Forum Editor 22:58 31 Jul 2018

"Because it's pretty damned easy to type "pc world" into Google."

Yes, but it shouldn't be up to us, should it? You're the one making a complaint.

To be brutally honest, I think if I was in the same position I would have moved on by now - there are plenty of other PCs on the market.

  morddwyd 10:41 01 Aug 2018

Curiouser and curiouser!

Found what I wanted on Ebay and placed an order.

Guess who came up as the seller? Curry's PG World!

Delivery guaranteed by Monday, £90 chapter than the website, 30 day return period (only 14 days on the website), payment by PayPal, much easier than faffing around with a card and Nectar points into the bargain!

Ain't competition wonderful?

  morddwyd 19:26 01 Aug 2018

Such as what?

  morddwyd 07:47 02 Aug 2018

The order acknowledgement came from DSG Group, and referred me to their standard T&C.

Since I paid via PayPal I have their normal, pretty good, protection, and since my PayPal credits by credit card normal protection rules apply.

Finally I have the normal Ebay money back guarantee.

Your link is two years old so perhaps things have improved.

  Forum Editor 09:26 02 Aug 2018

mrcalif's link simply illustrates the fact that the Ebay store is run as a separate, self-accounting business within DSG. That is nothing unusual, many large trading groups operate self-accounting businesses which trade separately. Tesco does it, as does Whitbread (Costa Coffee) and many more.

You will have the same consumer legislation protection as if you bought your computer in a high street store.

Ignore the negativity implicit in mrcalif's post - he seems to have a strong prejudice against DSG. He's entitled to hold his own views, but he's not entitled to indulge in gratuitous scaremongering in our forums.

  alanrwood 09:44 02 Aug 2018

I thought I had read somewhere that you do not get the credit card protection if you buy through Paypal. Maybe the FE can confirm.

  morddwyd 09:47 02 Aug 2018

Exactly so!

Like many, I have had less than satisfactory experiences with both DSG and Ebay, but I have also had some excellent service.

  john bunyan 11:36 02 Aug 2018

Enjoy your new laptop. My last one took a week ( on and off) to set up with all the protection, programmes, updates, backups etc! I don’t like , nor use some latest features that “push” one to use cloud , such as OneDrive, that needs to be disabled if you don’t want it,but see why many, and Microsoft, like it.

  morddwyd 09:17 03 Aug 2018


Well, my new computer arrived yesterday, less than 24 hours after ordering, free delivery.

It's not a laptop, JB but a 24 inch touchscreen laptop, about the maximum size you can use on an overbed table and still keep some manoeuvrability (7 kg).

Just about running, but can't get the wireless keyboard and mouse to work, and HP Support is not of the finest!

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