Delivery not Available (UK company)

  morddwyd 21:29 29 Jul 2018

Why would a UK company (PC World) advertise a £1000 computer on line and say "Delivery not available"?

  wee eddie 21:47 29 Jul 2018

Run out of Warehouse stock

  morddwyd 07:59 30 Jul 2018

Possibility, but they always do a local stock check when you order. This notice comes up before you order.

The machine is available for click and collect locally, and you'd think it wouldn't would be possible to put it on an existing run and charge a tenner.

  Forum Editor 08:48 30 Jul 2018

Can you not do a click and collect order - take a taxi to pick it up?

  mikef. 09:56 30 Jul 2018

To encourage you go into the store where they will try and flog you extras

  morddwyd 13:57 30 Jul 2018


£100 Plus. Not economic.

I'm going to try the helpline.

  Taff™ 17:11 30 Jul 2018

Some kid in Marketing or sales hit wrong listing options LOL

  morddwyd 07:48 31 Jul 2018

Tried the helpline.

Indian call centre.


  Quickbeam 08:42 31 Jul 2018

A lot of these retailers have certain products unavailable for home delivery. You're right, it doesn't make any sense at all.

Why don;'t you take the old fashioned way of contact with an actual letter to the head office in the UK?

  Forum Editor 09:20 31 Jul 2018

"To encourage you go into the store where they will try and flog you extras"

I very much doubt that the company is going to resort to that tactic - there will probably be a valid reason for the screen message, it's just a question of finding out what it is.

  Old Deuteronomy 09:51 31 Jul 2018

If they won't deliver and it's unreasonably expensive to go and collect, just buy a computer from somewhere else.

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