Delivery Nightmare

  gilts 20:29 30 Nov 2007

We ordered a cooker on 10th November from Sainsburys Kitchen appliances with a delivery date 30th November.
On the evening before delivery (29th) we received a phone call informing us with a 4 hour time slot for our delivery.
At 10-00am on delivery day (30th) we got a call saying our cooker was not on the van and that they would reschedule delivery for 4th December.
I was fuming as I had taken the day off work especially.
After several phone calls back and forth, trying to find what the problem was, we left with the 4th as our new delivery date.
At 6-00pm on friday evening (30th) Sainsburys called saying that they cannot find our cooker in their warehouse and they will gat back to us on Monday.
I know it's Pantomine season, but this is barmey, ridculous !

  postie24 21:27 30 Nov 2007

Me thinks,cancel order,or some money off for being messed about.

  mammak 21:31 30 Nov 2007

That is ridiculous really it is some compensation for messing you about is in order I think.

  gilts 21:45 30 Nov 2007

Yes I have mentioned compensation or my delivery costs reimbursed but they have said that they don't do this and this is from the so called manager.
A letter will be sent, how can a company phone you on the evening before delivery saying we will deliver between a certain time, then the delivery day say they cannot find your cooker, noddy and co could do a better job !

  Brumas 21:50 30 Nov 2007

Hardly inspires confidence in their after sales service - if indeed they have one!

  gilts 22:35 30 Nov 2007

In fact I have looked on the Sainsburys Kitchen appliances website and they have my cooker still available for order within 7 days and I ordered it 20 days ago, at a higher price.
Funny that they cannot find this particular cooker at a lower price in their warehouse.

  spuds 14:32 01 Dec 2007

Sounds like a letter of complaint to Sainsburys. The most likely reason is though Sainsburys are using their own name, the admin side is via third party companies. Sainburys should be notified.

Having said that, we have a few items of Home Delivery from Argos due on Tuesday (ordered yesterday in-store). The driver will phone approx one hour before delivery, for expected receipt of goods. An Argos lorry went by our door earlier this morning, at least the delivery company knows the area where we live.

  Totally-braindead 14:42 01 Dec 2007

I would cancel the order, especially if its now cheaper.

  Forum Editor 17:43 01 Dec 2007

that the warehouse and admin functions are handled by what's called a fulfilment company - entirely separate from the Sainsburys business.

Running one of these large warehouses - or a series of them - can be a logistical nightmare, I once designed an e-commerce website that sent orders directly to a fulfilment company, and I can speak from experience.

It might be an idea to wait until Monday before taking any action - they may call to say that the cooker will arrive on Tusday as promised. If that doesn't happen your only real weapon is a cancellation and refund - I very much doubt that anyone will be offering any compensation.

  crosstrainer 17:50 01 Dec 2007

Are correct, but a little tip to ensure that your carefully constructed letter of complaint reaches it's chosen target.

Mark the back of the envelope "Private and confidential" having addressed it to the dispatch manager of the company concerned. This will mean that only he / she will open the letter and not a third party who might just bin it!

  Forum Editor 17:53 01 Dec 2007

Letters marked 'Private and confidential' are usually addressed to named individuals, not "The despatch manager". It's a dead giveaway.

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