Delicate question.....

  MAJ 00:39 03 Apr 2010

I've just been bought a new (secondhand, but new to me) fishing boat for my upcoming birthday. It has one of those chemical toilet type thingies. What I want to know from you closet campers out there is, how do they work, are they hygenic? I was thinking of getting rid of it and using the space to store my extra fishing rods, waders, etc. Good idea, or do you think it's wiser to keep it?

  spuds 00:56 03 Apr 2010

Depend on what type of fishing boat it is, and where you intend taking it. They 'chemical toilet type thingies' are quite hygienic, providing that you use them wisely, and perhaps don't forget to use the correct fluid.

If 'boating' is new to you, then don't forget the necessary licence, insurance and perhaps permits, plus training.

  Forum Editor 01:03 03 Apr 2010

Yes, if you look after them properly. Chemical toilets work by having a holding tank, into which the waste goes. The tank contains a chemical liquid which removes odours and breaks down waste. Some models use an additional liquid in the flushing water, and this helps to keep things fresh and clean.

You can get various models, and on a small boat the most common is a toilet with a tank that you empty yourself when you return to shore.

It might be wise to keep your toilet if it's working well, or replace it with a new one. A small model for occasional use will be inexpensive, and very welcome if the need arises when at sea - it's illegal to use the sea as a toilet.

click here for more information.

  MAJ 01:41 03 Apr 2010

Spuds: "Depend on what type of fishing boat it is"

It's a Fletcher Vigo (with a 90HP outboard) similar to this one click here I'm not new to boating in as much as I've used them while fishing. I don't usually sea fish although I have done in the past and no doubt will do again, but we charter boats when we go sea fishing in order to use the skipper's expertise and local knowledge. We only fish lakes and rivers, all fresh water.

Forum Editor: You've hit the nail on the head, the first picture in your link is what I saw, I didn't investigate toooooo far even though it looked clean. I'll study that link more, shortly. We're used to empty Lucozade bottles, hedges and baby wipes, so one of these might be a nice change. :)

  Forum Editor 02:00 03 Apr 2010

and that's a big engine, so she'll fly along. I've been in one with a 75hp Mercury engine, and it was certainly no slouch.

Have fun, and keep the toilet.

  MAJ 02:02 03 Apr 2010

on the subject, but I have never seen one of these before never mind used one, but in FE's link, what does "manual flush" mean in this context? Does it mean you get a bucket of water and tip it down the bowl?

  MAJ 02:16 03 Apr 2010

I love it. The engine, to me, is a monster, it's a Yamaha Power Trim and Tilt, so no heavy lifting for me. On our other boat, an Orkney, we have a 40 HP Mariner and it can shift, so when I tried this new boat with the Yamaha today on Lough Neagh, it scared the bejesus out of me. I can't see me getting the engine up to full revs without first taking a few beta blockers, but it's good to know I can get to shore quickly if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

I'll take your advise and keep the loo and store the rods elsewhere on the boat, there's plenty of room.

  sunnystaines 06:31 03 Apr 2010

go into a camping outlet and get the chemical liquids you need to add to kill the smell.

  morddwyd 06:50 03 Apr 2010

Oh Dear. And I opened this thread before breakfast.

However, to be fair, MAJ did say it was delicate!

  wiz-king 08:03 03 Apr 2010

Manual flush' usualy means it has some sort of hand pump to pump liquid from the tank to flush the bowl, which has a spring loaded flap valve to seal it. This may explain it a bit more click here

  ronalddonald 08:25 03 Apr 2010

hearties, time to go sailing on the seven seas. must go and see captian pugwash and captain haddock. Some deep sea fishing me thinks and blistering barnacles, sea urchins, whers me ship ahoy there me lad ee's, now dont go the amazon unless you want fish for piranhas.

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