??"delayed reaction"?

  end 20:48 20 Sep 2004

having posted in the Notice to Spammers thread, my Mailwahser has "pinged" to tell me of the "arrival " of an e mail.

took some time to track it down, to discover that, wait for it, I have received a message dated 28/5/2003; but that is just the start of the irony; the topic given is even more "priceless" and metaphorical;

if I"m "not allowed" to quote this here, the thing will be edited out, but ....just imagine a "delayed reaction".

and a thought, how many more of them are "out there" just waiting to be delivered into your mail boxes.....the "festive trees" may well be growing in size to accomodate::))

  Forum Editor 21:50 20 Sep 2004

but I haven't the faintest idea what this is all about. Can you please enlighten me before I delete it?

  end 15:32 21 Sep 2004

the "point" is of a seemingly over-one-year-old e mail finally arriving, and "where has it been" all this time;

am feeling rather incredulous that it has that date on it, hense " delayed reaction".
a few hours old I can "grasp", but over a YEAR old...???

  It's Me 15:58 21 Sep 2004

Perhaps the Royal Mail got involved at some point.

  Kate B 16:31 21 Sep 2004

end, what makes your post even harder to understand is your random use of inverted commas ...

  end 16:58 21 Sep 2004

"random use of inverted comma"

?what else am I supposed to use for quotes etc then? arrows, or whAT?

Its Me

??at which point would you like to suggest?
maybe I need to look at the sourse origin of the thing in my mailwasher, and find it is from planet..
one year and a bit; that is taking the buiscuit a bit isnt it:)

  mole44 17:07 21 Sep 2004

also try looking in somewhere on how to spell

  Shas 17:11 21 Sep 2004

At the risk of being told off for criticising, why do you feel you need to use quite so many quotation marks? Used in such abundance, they do actually make your threads harder work to read. Sorry but they do!

  Dorsai 17:11 21 Sep 2004

Sounds like some sort of spammer trick, to make you think the mail is very old, when in fact it's not, in the hope you will be less carful about opening it. Perhaps it also fools some of the anti spam software.

I remember a trick i used once, decades a go, to e-mail a friend, before the days of the WWW, on JANET. It don't work now, as it very quicky caught on, and so the 'bug' was fixed.

BAsically you could send one e-mail, and trick the e-mail system into thinking it was two. But in so doing you could forge the compleate header of the second, as it was in the text that you typed in as part of the first. So the second e-mail could have any date, and sender's address etc.

  end 17:23 21 Sep 2004

at the risk of stating the obvious, ? can they do that:)

maybe I need to look at the Mailwasher track:(

and the others above; am "working on it" as they say:)

but perhaps you want a thread with no punctuation on it and no spaces; now THAT I can do:)

  Dorsai 17:44 21 Sep 2004

Dunno, looks like they can though, as you have just had one.

Then manage to forge the 'from adress' dont they? How much harder to forge the 'date'.

Like i said, once yonks ago i knew how. But things have moved on. They trick i used is now so antique, that it no longer works. But it did once. What is to stop some one inventing a new trick to do the same.

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