Delayed Baggage. What Should I Reasonably Expect?

  Cara2 13:27 13 Sep 2017

My husbands one suitcase was delayed. It should have landed with us at 10.30 a.m. Thursday. It arrived at the airport 10.40 a.m. Friday. We had been assured it would be with us as soon as possible thereafter. I waited until 12.30 p.m. before I rang the carrier, who informed me it would be delivered to the hotel that evening. The case would potentially sit at the airport for several more hours (presumably a cost cutting exercise of some sort). We offered to pay for a taxi to deliver it but were told this was not an option. Faced with several more hours of my husband having only the clothes he stood up in and no swimming or snorkeling equipment, so we eventually made the trip back to the airport to pick up the suitcase ourselves. The suitcase was battered and had the lock broken into, so no lock for the return journey. And effectively, we had lost the best part of two days of our 9 nights holiday. The carrier pay £25 per day, which, as I have discovered with my travel insurance, only covers reimbursement for essential items and not to compensate in anyway. At the time I could not persuade my husband to start shopping for clothing etc. (We also had not appreciated we would be reimbursed).
What next step would you take, if any? I do think, given it was the carriers fault the luggage was delayed, the lack of urgency in getting the luggage to us once it had arrived at the destination airport and the expectation that we wait several more hours or travel back to the airport ourselves, is a rather lacking in customer service. And I am very cross!

  chub_tor 17:30 13 Sep 2017

Some suggestions from Citizens Advice enter link description here

  tullie 19:58 13 Sep 2017

Bit late for you now but my wife and I allways split our clothes betwen two suitcases,Just in case one gets lost.We also have a change of clothing in our hand luggage.

  Forum Editor 15:25 15 Sep 2017

I can understand your irritation, but the Montreal Convention does not require airlines to pay for the inconvenience caused by baggage delays. An airline may decide to make an ex-gratia compensation payment, but don't count on it.

You will be reimbursed for items that are lost or damaged, and for any items that you had to buy as a result of the delay, but you will need to provide the airline with evidence of their cost.

Good luck with your claim. Next time you fly, follow tullie's example - it's something a lot of people do.

  Cara2 09:40 29 Nov 2017

Well, a slow burner but progress made.

Initially, offered £56 (luggage cost refunded). I said I would think about this. Meanwhile, several days later and out of the blue, I got a call to say “have spoken to my manager would now like to offer £160” (ish, can’t remember exactly, but to include reimbursement of cost of my husband and sisters luggage cost also. ) I hadn’t even rejected the initial offer.

As I was in London and wanted to wait to think the offer through, I said I would come back to them. “I can process this now and put it back on your card immediately ...”. What’s that about? Very keen for me to accept this offer, I must say!

  john bunyan 09:59 29 Nov 2017

Thanks for the update - so many don't bother.

  Cara2 17:50 11 Feb 2018

Well a final, final update!

Getting the promised refund was slightly convoluted.

The taxi fare from Hotel to Airport to pick up luggage was promptly refunded onto my debit card.

The luggage cost was to be refunded onto the original card with which I paid.

Several weeks past by and no sign. When I queried this, the refund had seemingly been repaid .. so where was it ...

After much discussion, we hit upon the fact that as I had booked through a third party, it has been refunded to their card and not mine. The third party had not alerted me. It didn't bode well and I anticipated another struggle.

However, I must say once I got in touch, the third party refunded me promptly (pity they waited for me to contact them). And for some reason it was a little more than had been agreed with the airline (around £175). So all's well that ends well.

A few lessons learnt along the way, one of which is to keep all the paperwork long after the holiday, as had I not, any communication with the third party (who I never expected to have to involve), would have been very difficult without booking references etc.

Finally, I hope I am not transgressing here, but as my expectations were exceeded with the two companies involved (actually my expectations were rather low), I would like to name them. Easyjet and

  john bunyan 18:30 11 Feb 2018

Once again, it is good to have a contributor who gives excellent feedback, as often there is no conclusion. Well done you on being so persistent and reaching a result.

  Cara2 19:14 11 Feb 2018

Thank you John.

I do aim to give a conclusion when I post, but like most people I also forget on occasions!

Hopefully my experience will spur on others with a similar problem :)

  Forum Editor 18:17 12 Feb 2018

Good to hear that it all ended well - a testament to persistence!

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