Defosting External Pipes

  Ex plorer 15:41 23 Dec 2010

Hi I used to be a plumber and about 30 years ago when we had a a bad spell of continues freezing I had a electronic defroster for outside work.

Clip a crocodile clip to the out side stop tap/pipe and one on the stop tap/pipe in the house and then plug the defroster into the mains supply you could regulate the amount of current needed.

A small amount of heat was transmitted between the two clips and 50% of the time it was successful at thawing pipes.

I cant find any similar device on the net today not that it matters as I am retired.

If you know where the pipe is and its not deep invest in a straw bale or two providing its on your property.

Maybe they are banned now, of course it wasn't any use on alkatheen pipes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:10 23 Dec 2010

The problem nowadays of course is not just the possibility of plastic pipes but also that the water pipes are bonded to earth in the electrical system and it would be tripping residual circuit breakers and killing your supply.

  Forum Editor 18:46 23 Dec 2010

that taped along vulnerable pipes. As the temperature on the pipe surface drops the current flows, and prevents the pipe from freezing.

click here

It works well, and will not cause nuisance tripping on an MCB.

  Spark6 20:22 23 Dec 2010

Not necessarily. An isolating transformer would do the trick, I've never come across the device that Explorer mentions but it was certainly low voltage!

  Ex plorer 10:37 24 Dec 2010

FE PGE-Frost Protection Heat Tape thats a move in the right direction for loft pipes etc.

It was a transformer of some kind my brother may have it I will see him today and ask him.

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