Defence Cuts

  morddwyd 19:54 15 Dec 2009

No one doubts that efforts are needed to reduce the defence buget

No one doubts that the major effort must be to support the grunts on the ground in Afghanistan.

However, reducing the Royal Navy to little more than a token, and a huge gap in airborne maritime reconnaissance makes me wonder if our politicians realise that, Channel Tunnel notwithstanding, we are still an island, and dependent on mastery of the seas for our very survival.

  tullie 20:15 15 Dec 2009

I dont think we have mastered the seas in my lifetime.

  csqwared 20:23 15 Dec 2009

I don't think I'll go along with that. In the days of the Cold War etc. a maritime force was essential but in the current climate, and the type of attack we are vulnerable to, I don't think a sea borne force, particularly nuclear submarines, is of much use although surface ships are obviously proving their worth in some degree fighting drug smuggling. I'ld much rather see a reduction in Navy and Air Force as has been suggested and give the "grunts on the ground" far, far more support than they already have. To announce a supply of Chinooks and they say they won't be ready for service until 2013 is ludicrous. Personally, I'ld like to see all he troops out of Afghanistan and, if necessary, utilise them on border/coastal/airport checks where the real threat of insurgency is more likely.

  karmgord 21:10 15 Dec 2009

Defense cuts,how about starting with those M.O.D bonuses?

  peter99co 21:10 15 Dec 2009

We needed a Defense Review some years ago not a quick fix when it is realised the muck has hit the fan.

How many jobs is this going to cost. It needs a planned program to allow for people to adjust and move or re-train.

This also means they have finally accepted that we did not have enough helicoptors deployed after all.

  Woolwell 21:35 15 Dec 2009

It is ok to state that the aircraft will be ready but the aircrew have to be provided too. It takes considerable time to get new aircraft built, delivered, tested and the aircrew trained.

The Navy should be involved in anti-piracy as well as anti- drug smuggling.

For a really radical move consider disbanding the RAF as a separate force and get rid of one set of headquarters.

The advantage of a nuclear submarine is that it can arrive unannounced off a coast and not only listen and watch what is going on but also launch a Tomahawk attack. But they are expensive.

  Kevscar1 21:52 15 Dec 2009

How about slashing the number of cushy jobs in the MOD first.

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