In Defence

  morddwyd 06:17 31 May 2012


Unfortunately you locked my last thread before I had a chance to reply to your criticisms of me. I hope you wiil be generous enough to allow me this natural justice without deleting the thread, though I'm not bothered if you lock it as I don't anticipate posting again and, like you, think it's time the matter was closed

"I can't understand how something like a locked thread should loom so large in your life"

That is, perhaps, because you don't know my life.

Later today I take my wife to the local hospital, one of the reasons why I am awake so early, where they will decide whether to continue, or change, her routine cancer traetment.

Tomorrow she has another appointment, to have a piece of infected bone removed from her lower jaw, only a day visit but she will still require extra care-over the weekend.

Then on Monday I have another 5.00am start to make sure my wife has breakfast, and to leave her some lunch before I go to hospital myself for some more eye surgery. That will leave us both in bed on Tueday.

On Wednesday we have a meeting here at home with Social Services to decide what changes need to be made to the house to allow me to continue to care for my wife without recourse to local care services.

That is not an untypical week, and I am by no means unique.

Other than medical and care staff and an indreasingly child like wife, the members of this forum would be the only people I would "meet", and all that prevent me becoming ever more introverted.

That's what I meant by "pastures new". I have to find a like minded bunch of people.

I also did not do this on a whim. Leaving the forum has the potential to be a life affecting decsision for me, so perhaps it is, as somebody suggested, "attention seeking".

Sad, I know, but "Walk a mile in another man's dhoes" and all that.

You point out that when you take a certain action action you post a few words of explanantion, but then you take me to task for doing the same.

The reason I decided "fo make a public thing of it" as you put it was, as I explained, to say goodbye to the many friends I have made on the site.

I am sorry this common courtesy seems to have upset you.

You also take me to task for not even bothering to talk privately to you, via e-mail.

Since you did not extend this courtesy to me I'm afraid I did not think of extending it to you either. However, this was bad manners on my part, and I apologise for this ommission.

  Kevscar1 06:45 31 May 2012

if you find somewhere good let us know meanwhile I wish you the best.

  Pine Man 08:01 31 May 2012


This must be the biggest post from someone who doesn't use a forum anymore;-)

  Quickbeam 08:15 31 May 2012

Nothing like a grand exit with encore:)

  Aitchbee 08:18 31 May 2012

James Brown was the Daddy of them all when it came to encores....

  N47. 08:34 31 May 2012


Try idf50

very welcoming forum for the over 50's. It has won many awards.

  john bunyan 08:53 31 May 2012

As I said on the "Pastures New" thread - reconsider, stay here, there are plenty like you on the forum and at least you get good advice on PC issues! Do have the wisdom to change your mind on this issue - a thread lock is no big deal, whether justified or not.I may be wrong but did you not once have a different "handle" here? Come back as that if you wont rethink now. If you really must leave there are many that will miss you and wish you and your wife as much luck as is possible in the future.

  birdface 09:17 31 May 2012


Looks like you have enough problems without the couldn't care less attitude from the FE.

I am sure wherever you go or whatever you do out thoughts will be with you.

We sometime go through life without thoughts for others who are not so lucky in life but I am sure that most of us wish you well whatever you do.

  Joseph Kerr 09:23 31 May 2012

I agree with spider9 and fourm member, and very sympathetic to your view about the moderation, morddwyd. Alas, it'll make no difference. The FE will be along in a moment to mock the sad little lives of all those who have agreed with you.

I wish you and your wife all the best in regard to your forthcoming medical procedures, and in general.

  natdoor 09:37 31 May 2012


Firstly let me say how I, andI'm sure all other forum members, sympathise with you in your situation. As you say, many others are in similar positions and the rest of us can only admire the way you cope. Hopefully we would all find it in ourselves to do likewise if required and in the meantime we should be more grateful for our good fortune and keep things in perspective.

As far as your dream post is concerned, it highlighted the weird topics that often feature in them, in your case about something of which you appear to have had no conscious knowledge. I found this interesting and mentioned the chemical company based there in case you were aware of that and hence the placename. The soccer team is called Bayer Lev....

You were not responsible for the way in which the thread developed. Had it centred around dreams and their possible interpretations or the way in which they might indicate a person's state of mind then it might well still be open. You have taken FE's action as a personal put-down. It was not intended as such, I'm sure. The forum clearly means a lot to you , so why deny yourself the small respite from your circumstances which it has clearly been. Please reconsider your decision, for our sake as much as yours.

  flycatcher1 09:49 31 May 2012

morddwyd Do not go. I always enjoy your comments and perceptive remarks. You and I both know that the sticks and arrows of life just have to be coped with.

I wish you, and your wife, the very best wishes to cope with problems that make this Forum, good as it is, look like a speck of dust on Everest.

By the way I should have known that it was "Z" and not "S"!!

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