Decorating may have saved my life.

  Blackhat 20:22 27 Dec 2011

Doing the kitchen this break and after stripping wall paper I was tidying up and could hear a buzzing sound, first thoughts were of an insect caught in the paper on the floor but after clearing up could still hear it.

What had happened was that water from stripping the paper had dropped onto the gas pipe that led to my cooker and a small leak was causing the water to bubble creating the buzzing sound!

How lucky was that? It is a very small leak at the site of a connection and could have been leaking for a long time but you cannot tell, anyway, gas off at meter for now.

Query, do I call British Gas or a local engineer? Probably covered on house insurance but need to check.

  Al94 20:27 27 Dec 2011

Inside the property I would think a local engineer

  lotvic 21:33 27 Dec 2011

Local Engineer, it's on your side of gas meter.

I had similar leak on a pipe to gas fire in a previous property, they are hard to trace.

  Aitchbee 21:34 27 Dec 2011

After I bought my council house,several years ago, a yearly gas check, is now my responsibility to arrange and pay for.

I haven't had one done for two years.

Who else is in this situation?

  BRYNIT 21:52 27 Dec 2011

A local engineer is what you need, make sure they are Gas safe registered. They will have the equipment and should always do a gas pressure test at the meter after any pipe work is done.

You can find a gas safe engineer from Click here you can also check an engineers gas safe licence number by clicking on check gas engineer to the right.

  lotvic 22:05 27 Dec 2011

AitchBEE, I hope no-one else is in same situation.

  Forum Editor 23:10 27 Dec 2011

Checking for gas leaks on pipe joints (they usually occur at compression joints) is a relatively easy process. Get an empty liquid soap bottle and put an inch of washing up liquid into it. Then add an inch of water and shake gently.

Squirt a little of the resulting mixture onto the suspect joint and watch - you'll see large bubbles forming and bursting if there's a leak.

  Blackhat 23:25 27 Dec 2011

Thanks all for advice, I have website for local gas guys, will see to it in the morning,

  spuds 00:20 28 Dec 2011


Regarding the gas safe checks, we have them done every year by our services utility provider. They provide the service via a contractor, and I have never seen the different engineers who have visited, do the same supposed safety checks ever. Taking this up with the utility company, they have still not provided a reasonable answer, as to what should be provided.

I once had reason to complain to Corgi (before the name change) about a central heating installation, that one of their members had undertaken. All they were interested in was the one metre of gas pipe from the ground to the boiler. That incident ended up in the local small claims court.

  Blackhat 13:13 28 Dec 2011

Well that went well, called 3 local gas engineers, first one to answer was around in 15 minutes, new piping fitted, checked for leaks, all done in 30 minutes for £35 cash.

Thanks to the gas safe register.

web link

  Blackhat 13:57 28 Dec 2011

Link works fine for me.

screen shot

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