Decided to stop smoking

  carver 09:26 21 Feb 2012

Last Saturday I had my last cigarette and decided that was the start of a life without smoking.

Been hard going since then, clutch went on car Sunday and can't get it fixed till Friday because of waiting for parts, my daughter broke 2 fingers because of a horse rearing and her finger were trapped in bridle also on Sunday.

Yesterday Monday, built in gas cooker decided to commit suicide and now we have no cooker, but I am determined to stop smoking so phoned doctors this morning to see if I could get an appointment with a doctor to get help.

After waiting for about 5 minutes to get someone to pick a phone up at the doctors this is the response I got, NO appointments till next Monday to see a doctor, did I want to see the person who runs the stop smoking clinic, yes please well she only comes in once a week and that is on Monday afternoon.

  canarieslover 09:43 21 Feb 2012

Have you tried your local chemist? Mine seem to have a stop smoking service. Good luck with your attempt. I stopped just over 7 years ago when I retired from work. From 50 a day to zero and I gave away the patches they supplied because they were making me feel high. If I could do it after almost 50 years of smoking then I am sure you can make it with a bit of will power.

  birdface 09:47 21 Feb 2012

As far as I know you can get free smoker packs from certain Chemists that may help till you see the doctor.

In the meantime better staying indoors with your luck you are likely to get hit with a lorry delivering fags to your nearest supermarket.

  birdface 09:48 21 Feb 2012

This needs your postcode to find your nearest Chemist.

  birdface 09:51 21 Feb 2012

Or if you want to miss that fag lorry.

  birdface 10:06 21 Feb 2012

My wife decided to try those Electric cigarettes cost over £30 but was just a waste of time and money for her anyhow,No doubt others may have found them Ok

Instructions on how to use them were fairly poor and did not help.

But on the other hand if she did want to quit she would have done it by now.

I can't understand a Government that goes all out to stop you from smoking for health reasons but but will not do the same to stop you drinking which is as bad or even worse health wise.

Maybe to many jobs would be lost doing that.

  Input Overload 10:27 21 Feb 2012

The decision you made to stop was a good one. Although you have been in the wars this last few days stopping smoking is still a very good idea. There must have been good reasons to make you take that life changing decision, those reasons I would think are still very valid.

You obviously need support & with good reason, but it's not only docs who can give that. I would think others who have packed smoking in are the best people to voice your feelings & fears to.

I really hope you get through this & it must get easier as time moves on.

  spuds 10:29 21 Feb 2012

There as been quite a lot of advertising recently regarding stopping smoking, and as others have said, it all appears to be hinged on some local chemist's proving large information packs.

With regards to your other 'problems', they do say things come in three's, so things from now on should be plain sailing.

As a suggestion, I knew a number of people who have been life time smokers, and have now stopped. Most found it not all that difficult after the initial start. What some of them did, was to save the money, which they use to spend on smoking, and totalled this up around holiday time. Paid for the holiday or other extra luxuries, and it made them proud of their achievement.

  Forum Editor 12:03 21 Feb 2012

Try to see it through.

The various incidents you've mentioned probably seem all the more stressful because you haven't had a cigarette for a few days. Your body is sending messages to your brain saying 'I need nicotine, and I need it right now!'. The part of you that has some will-power is saying no to that request, and the result is a heightened susceptibility to stress.

It's a fight, but you can win it. I know, because years ago I went through it myself - take it from me it gets easier, in fact it gets much easier, but not just yet. Forget about 'I'm never smoking again' and concentrate on 'I'm not smoking today'. It will be easier if you do it that way.

In the end it will be your will-power that beats the addiction, and nothing is better than looking back and knowing that you've done something really good. Your life will be better on the other side.

  Bapou 14:46 21 Feb 2012

Five years ago I stopped smoking with help from the NHS. Even after 50 odd years of smoking I was amazed how easy it really was to give up with this help.

Unfortunately, whenever someone asks how much better I feel, my answer is usually, "Never been the same since I did. Apart from the financial saving I'm forever at the docs or hospital after 28 years of not needing a doctor's help."

Things started happening after about 6 months, x-ray showed iliac disease in my right leg. Treatment available but strong possibility of losing the leg. Sod that for a game of soldiers.

After 18th months or so I was taken to hospital, diagnosis, pneumonia. Result of smoking for years and pneumonia, COPD had set in, 3 weeks in hospital and on release was prescribed 3 forms of inhaler.

Annual eye sight test for new specs showed a problem. Back to hospital , it's Macula Degeneration in the left eye. Not to worry, the right eye is compensating.

Beginning of 4th year without the fags, after a few beers at the local, came home, toilet during the night, could not pee. After 6 hours of agony, ambulance and it's off to the hospital again. Insert catheter and glorious relief. Problem was, they left the catheter in for 5 weeks. Then after it's removal, have been going for one scan or tother to decide which form of surgery is needed to cure the problem of a badly swollen prostate. Still waiting on the consultant's decision after one year.

All this because of stopping smoking? Not really, only kidding myself, just won't admit it's a combination of the fags and old age.

Do I regret packing in smoking, not at all, I feel champion!

  [email protected] 14:59 21 Feb 2012

Try and stick in until the support arrives !,I Stopped 3 years 3 months ago, best thing ive ever done.The cravings will eventually fade to just a microsecond until they eventually disappear. Maybe buy some high strength patchess if your thinking of going down that route.However if your planning to continue cold turkey maybe not the way forward as your reintroducig nicotine. My Stop smoking advisor gave me choices of patches or champix as i was a heavy smoker which gave me the support i needed,I opted for patches over a 10 week period.High strength for 6 weeks and then dropping down through the gears over the last four.

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