The December "issue"

  kev.Ifty 00:16 20 Oct 2004

Something that has puzzled me. Apology's if this is an "old" subject.

Why are Magazines dated so far in advance?

I can understand having the November issue available in October, but why December?

Season Greetings.


  Sapins 10:20 20 Oct 2004

It is a puzzle isn't it? especially as the information in them is generally out of date!

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  david-338461 12:34 20 Oct 2004

I think it's to do with shelf life. The magazine appears to be "newer" for longer. Apparently, the marketing people think we would not want to buy a magazine with the current months date.

It happened years ago with DIY mags. They were published early in the month before the issue date. Then each mag started to compete on publication dates to get on the shelves first, and they ended up publishing in the the last week of the month previous. Hence the December issue in October.

Its all a bit daft though as "Christmas" issues now are usually the January edition.

Happy Whitsun


  [DELETED] 13:46 20 Oct 2004

In fairness, PCA put out (last year I think) a 'Spring' issue to try and make a little more sense of this phenomenon.

Personally I think it's absolutely ridiculous and if magazines had the correct date on 'people' would still look at the picture on the front and know whether they'd seen it before or not.

Why not take the month off altogether and just put the sequential Issue Number on it - there problem solved.

  Hamish 17:07 20 Oct 2004

My Birthday is in March. Can I have my present now please.

  Forum Editor 17:34 20 Oct 2004

crops up with monotonous regularity, and the answer's always the same.

When all magazines are published on the last day of the month they can all carry the next month's issue date. Until then it's a savagely competitive market, and the current method of dating magazines will continue. It would be a brave magazine publisher who went against the convention.

I picked up a copy of PC Pro the other day - it's also the December issue.

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