December 04 issue SHOCKED me!!

  Bob The Nob© 10:18 08 Nov 2004

If you haven't read December 04 issue then this doesn't apply to you. If you did please read on.

I bought my issue and turned straight to the helpline section as I enjoy reading about other peoples mis-fortunes (Not enjoy but like to know about bugs, scams and enything else really).

On the Thrid or Second letter (Don't know which one as I don't have the mag with me) I was shocked about the letter send in.

The letter was about a person who has had problems with Norton Anti-Virus (well who hasn't Right?). HE got an 'egineer' out to look at it.

After many unsuccessfull attempts to uninstall it. The 'engineer' said the HDD would need to be formatted (The wimps way out) so the 'engineer' tried to format the HDD (The drive letter is C) through windows.

If anybody knows anything about IT they will know that the HDD containing anything which is running will not format in windows. Well there was severaly attemps each bringing an error which says 'Windows Cannot format this drive as windows is using it' or something along those lines.

The 'engineer' then said that a new HDD was neeeded. It was this that shocked me.

If an idiot can call himself an IT 'engineer' then what will the world come to??

Thank you for reading my (rather long) Thoughts

P.s. PCA's advice was fine!

  spikeychris 10:48 08 Nov 2004

I was once contracted to work for a very well known computer manufactures in Lancashire. A CD drive had come off the track and needed replacing. I rang the 'special' number I had for parts and spoke to their 'tech'. I explained what had happened and tried to order a replacement (it had to come from them as they licenced the network) The tech informed me that he would send me a ghost image on floppy and this will fix it. I explained it was a hardware fault and a ghost image would not fix anything.

He was adamant that it would and told me he had been in I.C.T for long enough to know and that he knew computers like the back of his hand...

I put the phone down.....

  josie mayhem 11:03 08 Nov 2004

My neighbour had a semilar experience, when he was having trouble with his computer.

Seen a advert in the local paper saying no call out and no fix, no fee. The chappie turned up, had a look around his system and proclamied that well there wasn't much he could do, problem was that being a P1, it was too old, and he good do him a really good deal on a new base unit?

My neighbour is retired due to ill health and can't afford a new unit, and any way his computer does what he wants it to, so why change?

I had a look, and the main problems were just basic house-keeping chores, problems solved, cost I reluctantley excepted a pack of ciggi's.

  Bob The Nob© 11:03 08 Nov 2004

Wel Done :-)

  5HA1 12:10 08 Nov 2004

My friend was a teenager and his family's computer needed storage more than a floppy drive and less than a standard hard drive. So at the time zip disks were "in vogue" so they purchased a zip drive.

Now logically you need to screw in the drive to the computer and connect some power and a lead that can transfer the data. PC World, my friend or myself can do this task with ease. However my hat and that of my friends comes off to the technican who managed to worm a charge of around £70 into the task. Amazing.

They give stupid computer users the BOFH award, maybe they should give a BOFH for the "individuals" that perform tasks like that one.

  Confab 12:30 08 Nov 2004

My mother in law bought a CDRW drive. The tekkie in a well known PC shop said she didn't need any cables or software. "Just pop it in the front of your PC and it will work"!

She was round at my house within 10 minutes saying she couldn't get it to fit through the slot at the front as it was too small!

  Sir Radfordin 13:17 08 Nov 2004

This being the proof behind the BCS' push to make the IT Profession one that is recognised and not just a couple of words anyone can add to their name/job title.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:50 08 Nov 2004

It is the mis-use of the words 'professional' and 'engineer' that causes problems as a recent, lively thread that I started here pointed out.


  Diemmess 18:59 08 Nov 2004

It was a few years ago, but a friend who is in the business of support engineering for several major national and internatiuonal companies, was called to sort a problem for the accounts section of a public service authority. it was necessary then, to shut the system down while changes were made.

My friend checked that backups were up to date.....what backups?...........when he finally was allowed to see the IT Manager, the great man said by way of saying something "Well I've got a Pentium!"

  Forum Editor 18:59 08 Nov 2004

with people who think they know all about computers - how to mend them, build them, fix software problems, advise on IT strategy, act as consultants on "security", web design, internet marketing, and just about anything vaguely connected with a computer.

I meet such people at dinner parties, or industry events - Microsoft gatherings are a favourite haunt of theirs. "I'm a computer consultant" they say, or "I troubleshoot computer problems" (whatever that might mean).

A short conversation usually suffices to confirm that they are not what they would have you believe. Many people spend a couple of years with a computer and some software and then, fired with enthusiasm, set themselves up as 'computer doctors'. You see them advertising in newsagents' windows and local papers, and on many occasions I've been asked to pick up the pieces left by these self-styled experts.

GANDALF <|:-)>'s right - it's just too easy to call yourself a professional or a computer engineer, buy a mean-looking laptop case, fill it with a load of coverdisks full of utilities and a couple of screwdrivers and venture forth into home-user land.

  shizzy 21:43 08 Nov 2004

Seems like another branch of the Motor Industry.

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