Debris from space landed on my roof

  Graham* 00:00 05 Sep 2013

Anyone else had this? I was in my conservatory when I heard this noise, things landing, then sliding off on the conservatory roof and the roof to the front. On the front garden I found a lump of some thing like concrete, but my neighbour says it is from space. Anything known, please?

  lotvic 00:05 05 Sep 2013

Sounds interesting :) How about a photo so we can look at it please.

  Graham* 00:38 05 Sep 2013

My neighbour has taken it away for a closer look. Watch this space.

  wiz-king 06:50 05 Sep 2013

If it came from space it would have been traveling at about 140 mph and be red hot.

I would look for a large constipated pigeon.

  Forum Editor 06:52 05 Sep 2013

"my neighbour says it is from space."

No, it's not.

Anything which entered the earth's atmosphere from space would be travelling at high speed, and if it survived the trip through our atmosphere without burning up its terminal velocity would be such that it would probably have passed straight through your conservatory roof.

The object has almost certainly been dropped by a bird.

  kad292 09:30 05 Sep 2013

"dropped by a bird" or flushed out of an airplane,even.!!!!!

  Graham* 09:40 05 Sep 2013

Here you go ROOF

  Chronos the 2nd 10:27 05 Sep 2013

Yep, that definitely is a roof and I believe the other two pictures may be of a cat or an alien disguised as a cat.

  Graham* 10:55 05 Sep 2013

As you can see, there are several pieces, the largest 2" diameter. Too much to be dropped by a bird.

  lotvic 11:22 05 Sep 2013

Perhaps some of you on this thread will take notice that there is some sort of glitch with photobucket in that when you post a direct link, you sometimes get the page that gives access to complete Library... (I tried to draw attention to glitch on another thread but didn't generate much interest)

  spuds 11:34 05 Sep 2013

Why not try contacting your local newspaper, they might have an answer?.

Well off the mark I know, but the other week we heard a bang, went out to investigate, and found some 'yobs' making an hasty retreat. We were never able to find what caused that 'bang', but it was sure loud, and the double glazing was still intact?.

There was also an incident a few months again, when a number of properties (I missed out!) in my area got 'peppered' by what appeared to be ice cubes of various shapes and sizes. That was eventually traced back to a possibility of 'ice formations' from a over flying aircraft. There are a large amount of aircraft overhead daily. The authorities could not trace the possibility of the aircraft involved, due to the volume of air traffic and no other reports from any aircraft. Luckily there was no major damage to property or injury to person, but all the same it might well have been?.

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