Debris 'not from Air France jet'

  Seth Haniel 08:08 05 Jun 2009

Debris recovered from the Atlantic by Brazilian search teams does not come from a lost Air France jet, a Brazilian air force official has said.

Maybe we'll never know..

  Bingalau 08:19 05 Jun 2009

It seems that the oil slick in the same area is from the lost plane. Could it maybe have been a collision?

  Seth Haniel 09:12 05 Jun 2009

oil not from plane?

"The Airbus A330 was not carrying wooden pallets, it was reported, while a large slick spotted in the area most likely spilled from a ship rather than from a downed plane. "

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  tein 09:33 05 Jun 2009

Well in that case maybe just maybe the full plane is intact! i suppose this is in a kinda way good news! it would be much easyer to find in one peice then scattered around also the body's will be alltogether, This is becoming somewhat of a total mistery.? very weird!??

  donki 09:44 05 Jun 2009

I think sometimes people forget just how vast our seas and oceans are. Trying to find anything, even an airliner, is a needle in a haystack.

I agree it would be nice to find it intact but in my opinion it would be very unlikely. It would be nice to find out the truth because as with every "mystery" there will be people shouting Alien abduction, terroist attack. For the families the not knowing will become an awful burden and prolong the torrment.

  wossie 04:04 06 Jun 2009

An airliner hitting the water at 300mph + and intact, were you asleep for physics as well as English

  Forum Editor 08:06 06 Jun 2009

Only the sad and deranged.

If this aircraft came down in the Atlantic ocean at anything like landing speed it is highly unlikely that it remained intact, unless the sea surface was very flat and calm, which certainly wasn't the case.

  donki 09:45 06 Jun 2009

I totally agree.

  crosstrainer 10:10 06 Jun 2009

..That unless the cvr, and 2 fdr's are recovered..we will never know..Collision? No.. I think not.

Chance of recovery 2.9 miles down:

A) Expensive

B) very dangerous (even using the latest rov/s technology.

My best guess ( and that is all it is) Would be:

(Given the auto-gen system reporting multiple electrical failures) Would be a "Nothing to lose individual ) IE:


Had it been terrorist related, those responsible would be gloating by now.

I guess option 3 is still there.... If you re-create the flight (I know I'm a sad old git!) and fly into huge (and it has to be tornado level (st 10 for those who know)
I did lose the aircraft.

Fire in the wiring loom just under and slightly aft of the cockpit would cause a catrosphe.

  crosstrainer 10:20 06 Jun 2009

Update...I just flew the last 15 minutes of the charted FP.

This aircraft was off course by 8 miles, not a lot, But am now wondering if a 4th (Internet conspiricy) might exist?

No suggestions, just sit back and wait!!

  crosstrainer 10:23 06 Jun 2009

.. the speculative stuff...:

Please remember those who have lost their lives, and the loved ones they have left behind.

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