The death of respect.

  Brumas 09:18 16 Jul 2009

This is the title of a programme on tonight, BBC2 at 23:20. Am I just being a cynical oldie when I ask the question - Why so long the funereal after the death?
I shall tape it and watch it, hopefully with interest, tomorrow.

  dagnammit 09:46 16 Jul 2009

Sounds a like a load nonsense to me.

  Stuartli 10:18 16 Jul 2009

In case some people are somewhat bemused, see:

click here

  Armchair 10:27 16 Jul 2009

Oh, I must watch that! Sounds GREAT!

  jakimo 11:45 16 Jul 2009

Sounds like some home truths some people wont like

  johndrew 11:49 16 Jul 2009

Perhaps it should be compulsory viewing in schools, remand centers and for those arrested on public order offences. On the other hand since those who should be affected by such a program already know it all or don`t care .......

  dagbladet 12:04 16 Jul 2009

I can't find a preview. Is this just another excuse to screen grainy clips of fights, swearing and drunk youths chundering on the pavement, under the guise of a 'cultural study'?

  Stuartli 12:15 16 Jul 2009

Did you follow my link?

  OTT_Buzzard 13:21 16 Jul 2009

Respect? Interesting seems to have changed meaning for the younger generations.

i was talking to my nephew a while back who had been in a scuffle (minor stuff). When asked why it happen, he replied 'he (the other kid) wasn't respecting me'. So i asked what does 'respect' mean, to which he, in a round a bout way, said it means that the other kid didn't do what he was told to do.

It really was only minor stuff in the scheme of things. Typical playground scrap and nothing more. It's just that everything was justified on the grounds of a lack of 'respect'.

Why does that happen? Because there is no family life left any more. All adults are forced to work to maintain some resemblence of a standard of living and kids grow up without any concept of family or trust in adult role models.

  dagbladet 14:47 16 Jul 2009


Yes, but it didn't really tell me much about the format.

  Stuartli 15:00 16 Jul 2009

All the previews have virtually the same wording.

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