Dealing with American companies

  Raymond-216637 09:00 24 Apr 2007

I am tired of dealing with American companies. They are only interested in us when they want to sell us a product, then its, ‘get lost dumb dumb’.

For the past 295 days I have installed on my computer Norton System Works 2006. I have had previous versions of the Norton program installed on computers since Norton first introduced the program in the UK. This week, while carrying out my regular system checks, I found two copies of the Trogan.Anserin virus which had been added to a program I downloaded in January 2005, one on a file in my downloaded directory and another in my backup directory. Repeated scans of my computer since the download, had not revealed this virus. When I tried to contact Norton via their email page on their website, the email was returned indicating they no longer accept emails.

My questions to you are: What is the purpose of having a Norton virus program on a computer that fails to find a virus for twenty-seven months and gives a false sense of security and What is the purpose of having an email page on a web site, that will not accept emails?

  johndrew 10:37 24 Apr 2007

You have just provided another reason why such programs are not as good as many produced by enthusiasts. In common with any commercial organisation, Norton exists to make money. Whereas, if you could find a true, competent enthusiast who produced similar software it would not be as bloated and would probably top the charts.

Unfortunately people have to eat and spending vast amounts of time producing something as complex as anti-malware software would leave all but those with an alternative form of income hungry.

If it were possible to convert a proportion of those who produce malware and encourage them to produce a good set of anti-virus software programs, not only would `we` be better off but they (hopefully) would be better people.

But alas ............

  [email protected] 11:13 24 Apr 2007

I had a problem with a local shop a few years back. Using your logic - I hate dealing with British companies.

  Raymond-216637 15:00 24 Apr 2007

You may be right, but I am not writing about a local shop. I am writing about a large company that cons you into believing you are safe with their product, when that is clearly not the case. On top of that they make it impossible to contact them.

I have found out that internet bank customers of Barclays Bank,a British company, are entitled to an Anti Virus program free for two years, after which it is £27.00, not £50.00.

  anskyber 15:30 24 Apr 2007

Rather sweeping don't you think to write off a whole nation and it's companies from this experience with one?

By way of contrast my registry cleaner/optimiser still awaits a full Vista compliant version, as a result I have not been able to use it for 3 months. An email to that US company was responded to in a couple of days with an extension added to my subscription of 3 months.

You might find it helpful to read around the various reviews of security programs and you will see that none are perfect. I do not know of any who claim to get 100% and if you think about it the figure would be difficult to achieve, if not impossible. I sympathise with you if the nasty you mention has been out for so long, similarly if emails are not as a matter of policy replied to.

Time to change your supplier perhaps.

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