A deadly encounter?

  ella33 23:21 22 Apr 2010

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This is not a usual sort of topic for the forum but someone just sent me this link, which i thought some folks here might be interested to see.

A three year old boy was found in a pond and attempts to resusitate him appeared to be over, when he suddenly showed signs of life. Then he said he had seen his grandmother, and named her.

Any similar experiences or strong feelings about what might have happened?

  Monoux 07:48 23 Apr 2010

It actually says it was his great grandmother and I very much doubt a child of three would know the name of his great grandparent.

Also there is no way anyone can state with such assurance this boy had a dream or that the only time he came across the word dead or death was when his gran died.

Pure supposition.

  ella33 07:48 23 Apr 2010

I certainly hope it doesn't take over his childhood too.

I like your logic FM, I was once told of a near death experience by someone who had been in a serious accident and she was in a brain injury clinic for about 8 yrs. Far from being bitter when she gradually emerged back in the world with few scars apart from walking slowly. She always says she "heard God's voice" saying she was to have one more chance. With your kind of logic M, I have often wondered if it was the doctor's voice --that doesn't mean that I don't believe in God.

In the case of this three year old boy though, there is nothing to say about whether he had met his great grandmother, to be imagining seeing her. He had maybe heard her name spoken in the family but the lack of detail on these points makes one cynical.

  ella33 07:52 23 Apr 2010

I didn't see your post when I replied to FM but you can see that I was there, too. The parents haven't said when great gran died, or whether they had said her name in front of the boy. He certainly seems young to remember her.

  ella33 08:35 23 Apr 2010

Of course, there might be a heaven.

It also reminds me of "The Shack" Wm P Young. Although of course that is fiction.

  Monoux 09:04 23 Apr 2010

fourm member-- Please tell us why the second reference to Grandmother has more credibility than the earlier reference to great grandmother ( other than it suits your purpose).

You said " And the grandmother bit is just a dream he had as he was coming round." Your grammar makes that read as a statement of fact.

You are not the lad therefore it can only be supposition on your part

  Monoux 09:10 23 Apr 2010

Of course, there might be a heaven.'

"Er, no, there isn't"

Can you provide a link to prove your profound statement or are you just blessed with infinite wisdom sadly unavailable to the rest of us.

  ella33 10:04 23 Apr 2010

Fourm member, I respect your strong opinion that there is no "after death". I do wonder why you refer to this as "superstition" though? I would have thought people have a belief of some sort or not. Superstition is more a belief in certain things, like a bird in the house means someone is going to die, or if you break one thing, two more things will break that day!

It is true that the lack of detail in this report makes it difficult to have a clear picture of what the boy really said, or whether it is a great nan, or a nan he met.

Ian McCormack, an adult, who ws stung by a normally deadly box jellyfish and was converted when he came round, describes his experience in a series of You Tube videos.
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Sadly his "flowery use of language might put some people off, but it is worth listening to one, for anyone who is interested in this kind of experience.

  peter99co 10:55 23 Apr 2010

I know someone who suffered head injuries and "died" (according to his doctor) three times before being got to hospital and spent weeks in a coma. He now is very aware of a guardian angel who appears just behind his left shoulder. He has also found that he is able to perform "faith healing" by laying his hands on a person who needs help.

A very genuine person.

  natdoor 11:11 23 Apr 2010

The german for grandmother is Grossmutter and for great-grandmother is Urgrossmutter. However, they are invariably affectionately called Oma and Uroma respectively. So, if the quote is correct, the boy "saw" his grandmother.

  Monoux 11:41 23 Apr 2010

'I dreamed about grandmother in heaven' -- where does it say that in the linked article.

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