jakimo 12:11 30 Mar 2010

Was it a personality contest, or a party policy broadcast,I saw it as the former with Cable coming out ahead,I think he would be my choice if I was looking for a financial adviser who took no risks,pity hes not in the running as chancellor!

  spuds 13:28 30 Mar 2010

Perhaps on past records, Cable seems the most eligible for understanding the workings of governmental finance ;o))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:31 30 Mar 2010

Darling wittered on about what he should have done but did not, Osborne wittered on about what he was going to do but probably will change if he was to be CofE and Cable wittered on about what he will never do.

That was 60+ minutes of my life that I cannot replace and with Brown's inane spoutings or more accurately, lies and Cameron's frankly unbelievable fables, I am for the first time in my life, considering abstaining from voting.


  Al94 13:36 30 Mar 2010

And, therein, I believe - lies the quandry for many voters, a lack of credible options which will lead to a low turnout.

  jakimo 14:01 30 Mar 2010

Perhaps the party leaders debate will be more lively,... because of the little difference of policies between them,the end result may even be based on which two has the least personality,what an unbelievable thought to find a leader!

  n4165si 14:02 30 Mar 2010

After listening to all three last night ,it was all about Efficiency savings,there is not a radical thinker amongst any of the parties,no wonder we have Voter apathy.This tells me that none of them would be able to run a whelk stall,its no good just shuffling around money that they may have identified,and its no good keep Taxing to fund their mistakes,Its partly the banks and the Labour party that have got us into this mess and both should be heavily penalised to pay for it.No party will be happy until they can spend your wage packet for you.

  morddwyd 20:01 30 Mar 2010

"probably will change if he was to be CofE"

Not a good idea to change religion if you're in office.

Even Blair waited until he was out of No.10 before embracing Catholicism!

  jack 09:17 31 Mar 2010

Each will witter on the party line about what needs to be done - As party leaders do
In the event the actions taken are dictated by world events and national income -
Things they can have no direct influence upon.

That is why election after election promises and desires go out of the window - only to make them look utter fools - will they ever learn?

Having said that which ever party is elected- they could do worse then to invite Dr Cable to join the Government of the day as chancellor.

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