Dare you tell?

  perpetual motion 12:02 23 Dec 2008

Since we are all anonymous i thought id like to ask you all what you bought your partner/s or family/freinds for christmas, i had the equivalent to writers bloc but on the pressie side i just couldnt make my mind up what to buy my wife so i setteled for this but i got it from woolworths after hmv sold out but they both had it at the same price (£52.00)give or take £2.00, & i KNOW she will love it!

Its EVERY episode EVER made (18 Disc's)over 2000 mins..

click here

  birdface 12:13 23 Dec 2008

Well unfortunately my wife is a nightmare to buy anything for.I don't want this.I don't want that.I don't need anything.Its the same every year.So I got her a mobile phone with £20 credit and will put some cash in her card so that she can pick something for herself.

  Pineman100 12:18 23 Dec 2008

You're not just anonymous. You don't actually exist!

If I bought my wife the same gift as you've bought yours, I'd be divorced on December 26th. So I've got her a new vacuum cleaner.

Now that's real devotion.

  interzone55 12:19 23 Dec 2008

We don't get each other much, so I spend some time picking a nice card and a nice bunch of flowers.

For the pressie it's a copy of JK Rowling's Tales of Beadle The Bard and a DVD edition of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, along with some bits and pieces...

  Bapou 16:45 23 Dec 2008

I was thinking about a vacuum cleaner, then I saw this: click here-

  tullie 16:57 23 Dec 2008

I wouldent buy a vacuem cleaner because its not personel and my wife would maybe ask whats wrong with her cleaning lol

  BT 16:58 23 Dec 2008

I let here choose what she wants.
She's into crafts, embroidery and suchlike, so there's always something that she wants, and she's quite happy with the arrangement.

  jakimo 17:17 23 Dec 2008

some years ago I bought her a lawnmower,and she got me a sewing machine,since then its been no pressies for adults, only grandchildren & other peoples children,since then there been no duplicates,no socks\ties or hasles,although I did enjoy the odd hasle

  wolfie3000 17:26 23 Dec 2008

Me and my partner don't give each other presents on Christmas as we don't celebrate it, but we do give each other little surprise gifts randomly through the year.

Ranging from flowers, soft toys to more practical items.

But in the end the best gift i can get from her is to see her smiling.

  Bingalau 17:42 23 Dec 2008

wolfie3000 You're on the right track because that's exactly how my wife and I behaved to-wards each other. As for buteman's idea of putting money in her account, I can't understand that. We always had a joint account and it mattered not who used it, we trusted each other with money and everything else for that matter. Remember every day is a special occasion to your loved ones. Wives/husbands are not just for Christmas.

  Kaacee 20:22 23 Dec 2008

wolfie3000 & Bingalau....Spot on both of you

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