Dangerous Ferrari

  Strawballs 21:17 22 Jun 2008

Why was Kimi's car allowed to continue with a large piece of metal exhaust hanging off, when it did eventually fly off it luckily flew safetly onto a piece of grass when it could just as easily gone into the crowed!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:24 22 Jun 2008

There is fencing between track and crowd to prevent bits, especially wheels, from getting into the crowd.

  Strawballs 21:30 22 Jun 2008

Point taken but what about the other cars?

  Earthsea 21:43 22 Jun 2008

Just another example of his driving skill. With a lesser driver it would have flown into another car and caused a massive accident.

  Strawballs 21:46 22 Jun 2008

I can only assume that was sarcasm Earthsea, any other team would have been told to get it back to the pits and remove it for safety reasons.

  peter99co 21:46 22 Jun 2008

Did he press the big red button then?

  Earthsea 21:59 22 Jun 2008

You make a valid point but, as far as I know, there haven't been any complaints about it, so I assume it's been deemed as acceptable. Formula 1, by nature, is a dangerous sport, and to eliminate every single danger would mean a queue of cars travelling around a race track at 30mph and indicating when they turned left or right. Not very exciting.

  Strawballs 22:02 22 Jun 2008

But when something is so obviously hanging off and could fly off at any time then that is a risk that can be sorted which it would have been if it had been any other team

  micky d 00:00 23 Jun 2008

I'm with you on this one Strawballs.

It's not a case of if it would fly off but when & as such(considering safety is paramount in F1 this day & age)caused a risk to other drivers,marshalls & the spectators.

Imagine if his exhaust had of flew off on a straight(rather than on a bend as it did) & hit a following car(there wasn't any but that was down to luck not judgment)!

Safety rules are there for prevention & not just a case of cross your fingers & hope for the best.

  Stuartli 00:06 23 Jun 2008

>>is a dangerous sport, and to eliminate every single danger would mean a queue of cars travelling around a race track at 30mph >>

Until the sport became a little more exciting this season, it was like that anyway, except that the 30mph was more like 100mph plus...:-)

  interzone55 21:17 23 Jun 2008

I just assumed that the only reason he didn't get a Black & Orange flag, meaning return to the pits immediately was because he was driving a Ferrari.

Max Mossley would have had a McLaren in the same condition off the track straight away...

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