Dangerous Doormats....

  realist 14:49 14 Sep 2006

Did you see the story about the banning of outside doormats in a Bristol block of flats?

Lucky the council spotted those killer doormats in time!

Seriously though, it's not even as if the council gave a hoot whether a tenant might trip on one so long as he/she didn't then get on the blower to "Injury Lawyers for You".

This crazy "compensation culture" is something that's been brought in from the US and is all about making money for the lawyers, not about public safety. It's also causing everyone's insurance costs to go up and up.

  QuizMan 15:40 14 Sep 2006

Yes, I saw that too. The council seem concerned about trip hazards for elderly or poorly sighted people. Mind you, if you've made it to the 10th floor of a block of flats, a doormat is hardly likely to cause you much of a problem.

  Chegs ®™ 15:44 14 Sep 2006

Whats next? Banning of garden ornaments incase the postie hurts themselves.

If the council is so bothered about the "trip hazard" of a door-mat,why do they insist on installing speed-humps everywhere? Surely someones more likely to trip over those than a mat.

  spuds 16:44 14 Sep 2006

Falling snow is next on the ban list. According to experts, this move will stop people falling or slipping, and save a fortune for the NHS.Make train cancellations due to wrong type of snow, a thing in the past.

It will also prevent children throwing snowballs, using sledges and building those dangerous snow-person's.All these activities may cause harm to a child or even a bigger person.

  realist 18:47 14 Sep 2006

Tonight on the local TV news it was reported that a parish council has asked relatives to remove all marble chippings from graves of their loved ones lest they "fly up" and injure the gardener when he mows the churchyard.

  ade.h 18:59 14 Sep 2006

I have a small scar from an altercation with a really vicious doormat when I was five. It threw me head first into the lower glass pane of a door! Okay I may have been running and I may have carelessly tripped over it.... LOL.

  siouxah1 19:31 14 Sep 2006

that is not the only council to have looked at the safety of grave monuments. Our local council has done the same and many (monuments) require attention to a cost of about £200 per monument.


  BT 08:02 17 Sep 2006

Re the 'Snow'

If you clear the snow from your path and the Postie slips on the icy surface you would be liable, but if you just leave the snow where it is and don't attempt to clear it , you would not be liable.

  STREETWORK 09:29 17 Sep 2006

Health and Safety gone to the dogs........again...

Whatever happened to the reasonable people and reasonable thought process...

  thms 11:16 17 Sep 2006

I decided to build 6 foot fence to stop yobs from trying to break into my shed.
When I went to the local wood merchant for the wood I asked for pointed tops. I was informed this was not possible because if someone injured themselves breaking in I would be liable.

It seems there is a law which states that the property owner is liable for the saftey of any authosised or unauthorised person entering their property.

So I suppose you would be liable if someone tripped on the doormat when entering your property.

  Forum Editor 11:34 17 Sep 2006

Any talk of the lower panes of glass doors aways makes me wince and smile at the same time.

I have a client who works away from home for fairly long periods. He lives in deepest rural Wiltshire - not another house for a mile or so. Once, when he was out of the country his wife woke with a start, thinking she had heard a strange noise somewhere outside the house. Their Golden retriever, which roams the house at night, was silent, but the wife was nevertheless convinced that someone might be creeping about in the grounds.

Arming herself with a sawn-off broomstick (a fearsome weapon in the right hands) she crept quietly downstairs, and with no lights on she knelt on the floor at the side door to peer through the lower glass panel, hoping to get a glimpse of the intruder.

She was wearing nothing but a man's shirt, and whilst she was busy peering through the glass the dog walked quietly up behind her and gently sniffed a certain part of her anatomy. As his cold nose made contact the shock made her leap forward, and her head went straight through the glass. Amazingly she was uninjured, and to her credit she tells the story quite happily. The dog couldn't understand what the fuss was about, and the door now has toughened glass panels.

The mental pictures just break me up, every time I think about it.

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