Dancing Competition

  morddwyd 10:04 17 Dec 2011

According to the BBC News their dance competition comes to and end tonight.

Thank the Lord for that.

I've nothing against it per se, and I know it brings a great deal of pleasure to a great many people, but I'm sick to death of it dominating the news and current affairs discussions as though it was major news.

Every time you put the TV on at tea time or in the morning it seems to be showing overdressed and over made up people cavorting around, or showing people discussing same!

It's little more than advertising

  Quickbeam 10:06 17 Dec 2011

And now you've started a discussion on it!

  Forum Editor 10:08 17 Dec 2011

"It's little more than advertising"

It's a lot more than advertising. It's the BBC celebrating the incredible success of a programme that attracts huge audiences, and does so without the sleaze and descent into tackiness which accompanies virtually every other audience participation show.

Not everyone likes Strictly, and that's fair enough, but you can't escape the fact that it has become phenomenally successful over the years.

  flycatcher1 10:12 17 Dec 2011

Only the BBC could organise the end of "Strictly" to coincide, exactly, with the end of "The Killing".

  john bunyan 10:43 17 Dec 2011

"Only the BBC could organise the end of "Strictly" to coincide, exactly, with the end of "The Killing"." I have 2 DVD recorders so am not worried. I often use one to start watching a recording whist it is still in progress, about 15 miutes into the programme, so I can junp or fast forward the ads.

  Bingalau 11:15 17 Dec 2011

My wife was a good ballroom dancer (I only line dance) and she loved this program with a passion. I now watch it and wish she were here to watch it still. But all good things come to an end and I wonder what will fill the void when this finishes?

I hope it has got a lot of younger people interested in taking up proper dancing. Keeps them off the streets is my theory. That is why I also like to see them break-dancing or any kind of dancing. I still take my grand-children swimming, cinema, zoo outings etc. for the same reason. (not all of them at once mind you as I have a few too many, 8 grand-children; 9 great grand-children and a recent addition 1 great-great-grand-child). That makes Christmas a mite expensive too.

  Quickbeam 11:23 17 Dec 2011

How's your guitar playing going Bingalau, you haven't mentioned that pastime for a while?

  Forum Editor 11:46 17 Dec 2011

"Only the BBC could organise the end of "Strictly" to coincide, exactly, with the end of "The Killing"."

I think you'll find that the Strictly final was scheduled long before 'The killing' transmission dates were known, and in any case, Strictly gets a far bigger audience.

The current series of 'The killing' isn't a patch on the original, in fact we thought it was so dire we stopped watching after three episodes - it's riddled with clichés and ridiculously improbable scenarios. A classic case of a production company milking the original idea for all it's worth.

  Forum Editor 14:38 17 Dec 2011

"'riddled with clichés and ridiculously improbable scenarios' describes just about every story Dickens wrote."

It describes every play that Shakespeare wrote, but we're not talking about Dickens or Shakespeare.

I enjoyed the original series of 'The killing' but - in my opinion - this one is dreadful by comparison. There's going to be yet another series next year. The current series (The killing II) is holding its audience (just over a million last week), so perhaps I'm being too picky.

  bob. 16:06 17 Dec 2011

**According to the BBC News their dance competition comes to and end tonight. Thank the Lord for that**

there is a XMAS special on Christmas Day :-)

And that is good news


Not got a remote controll?

  morddwyd 16:19 17 Dec 2011

As I said, I am aware of how much pleasure it brings to people, and I have no gripe with that - I don't watch it and that is my choice.

They can broadcast a Christmas Special for the whole of Christmas Day if they wish, I will certainly have no objection, again, I can exercise my free choice.

My gripe is purely about the amount of time that is spent lauding it in other programmes, particularly the news.

I do have a remote control. and I do use it to fast forward through the dancing bits, but that doesn't stop me thinking it's a pain in the butt!

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