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A damning article on Microsoft

  amonra 13:00 15 Aug 2012

A long but interesting article on windows and its failure to capitalise on its successes. enter link description here

  Forum Editor 23:49 15 Aug 2012

The article is very interesting, and it underlines what many people have been saying for some time - that Microsoft appears to have lost its Mojo.

Someone needs to impress on Steve Ballmer that in his business you innovate or die. He doesn't seem to understand that his primary function must be to drive the business forward in terms of new technologies and products, and drive it fast. The days when Microsoft could sit back and rely on good old Windows and MS Office to bring the billions rolling in are over.

  LastChip 00:48 16 Aug 2012


It's a fact that love him or loath him, since Bill Gates gave up the leadership, things have gone rapidly downhill.

I can honestly say, hand on heart that as a geek, Mr Gates was indeed a visionary. I can remember him trying to introduce essentially a touch pad probably a decade ago. Way before Apple had the ipad. And that side of him I admire and respect. But as we all know, Microsoft failed to deliver on that promise and in all honesty, was probably way ahead of its time.

The side of Mr Gates I despised, was his companies business practices and little has changed there. I will never regard destroying competition by any and sometimes brutal means as being acceptable. If you have a superior product, the market will recogniser it and it will lift your business for you - just ask Apple. Strong arm tactics are really not necessary, though Apple in my view, is far from being squeaky clean either.

Even today, they're using Mafia like tactics (essentially a protection racket) forcing others into buying licences for alleged intellectual property infringements that have never been proven. Using their financial muscle to extract financial payment from others. That cannot be right and says a lot about the state of the present management. I always thought it was called extortion. But in the US it doesn't seem to matter when it's big business.

No worthwhile products so let's screw the competition.

The company that gave Windows to the world and did more to encourage the use of computers by everyone, than probably anyone else on the planet, despised by many and reduced to a shadow of its former self.

  Condom 15:17 16 Aug 2012


As you so rightly say Apple itself nearly disappeared until they brought back their recently departed visionary to lead it again. So many leading Companies are still associated with their product like Hoover are but a shadow of their former selves. Will Microsoft become another Kodak? I seriously doubt it as they are probably still working on many future devices we can only presently dream about and I'm pretty sure one or two of them will succeed.

  wee eddie 16:13 16 Aug 2012

Microsoft has become IBM.

It has reached the top and stagnated, rested on its laurels, whatever, but I don't think that it has lost its way. It's still doing what it started out to do.

It has just failed to continually re-invent itself, which is the only way a Company can survive in the long game.

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