Daily Telegraph paywall!

  Flak999 12:24 28 Mar 2013

Just for the information of those who can't now read the Telegraph without subscribing to their free trial, there is a very easy way around this!

If you are using Chrome as a browser just open up the DT site in incognito mode and viola! totally unrestricted DT again! I haven't tried this in other browsers privacy modes but if it works in Chrome it will probably work in others.

Can't believe that they didn't think of this get round, it's so easy! If you don't have Chrome or don't want to use it you can use a proxy server like TOR to achieve the same end it is just slower.

  fourm member 12:44 28 Mar 2013

20 free items per month will, probably, do me. I never run out of free use for the FT.

With more newspapers opting for paywalls, though I don't think this one will trouble me, I expect more and more criticism of the BBC because I can't see how a pay model works if the biggest beast in the forest is free.

  Flak999 12:52 28 Mar 2013

That's true FM, however the times paywall seems to have been a success for them? The BBC being free does seem to throw a big spanner in the works, but for those who like differing takes on the news the paywall model does restrict access to those who can afford it.

  Al94 13:36 28 Mar 2013

I regularly access the D T site and haven't seen a paywall.

  Flak999 13:59 28 Mar 2013


It's only just been introduced in the last couple of days,see here Daily Telegraph introduce paywall

  Al94 14:20 28 Mar 2013

Ah so I need to add "yet" to my post!

  finerty 21:37 31 Mar 2013

oooohhh flack999 i do like when you talk french viola

  WhiteTruckMan 22:47 31 Mar 2013

I can't see how a pay model works if the biggest beast in the forest is free.

The bbc is no more free than the nhs.


  fourm member 10:05 01 Apr 2013

'seems to have been a success'

'Seems' is the important word there. News International is, naturally, cagey about the results but you can grasp some straws.

In July 2011, the Guardian said there were 100,000 subs with growth down from 12,500 per month to 7,000.

In February 2012, this blogger says subs are 120,000.

By November 2012 you can see just enough of this expensive business research to see a figure of 133,000.

If those numbers are close then growth has almost stopped.

You could clutch at the fact that the Sun is going into hiding as a sign it must work but, of course, you have to allow for the ego of Rupert Murdoch. He'll never do anything that makes it clear it has failed (if it has).

  Taff™ 12:07 01 Apr 2013

I just ran CCleaner and carried on reading The Telegraph. I suppose if I opted out of their cookie policy it might achieve the same result.

  Al94 12:50 01 Apr 2013

Still not seen it despite regular access!

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