The daily Elevenses question in this house is

  jack 17:22 10 Sep 2008

'What would you like for lunch?'[Me Asking as it is my job]
To which herself replies 'Dunno'
So I say'I'll surprise you then.'
So today I thought- Crab Salad Sandwich
1st to the freezer to extract crab sticks, then whilst they were warming[ in ambient cold water]
I took to reading the back of the pack.
Made from Surimi fish 95%and the rest water and the usual flavourings and preservatives.

Surmi Fish what sort of fish is that?
Aha Wiki knows so I did the Google and got
click here

Hmmm will I eat crab sticks/Prawns/Sushi ever again?
Spec so coz I like it - what ever is is made from.

  Forum Editor 18:20 10 Sep 2008

that turned out not to be prawns at all, but Surimi, in a waterside restaurant on one of the islands in Hong Kong harbour. The owner told me that real prawns were off the menu because at the time the South China sea was awash with red algae, and it wasn't a good idea to eat prawns.

Two nights later I was entertained to dinner in another waterside restaurant, and this time the host recommended the prawns. "Ah" I said "They'll be Surimi prawns". "No" said the waitress "They're the real thing, we can't serve Surimi because the fish it's made from are all contaminated by red algae".

That's what I love about China.

Crab sticks are always in our freezer, and so far we've suffered no ill effects.

  wiz-king 18:22 10 Sep 2008

If they were called 'crab sticks' take 'em back and ask for your money back. Crab is a higher value meat than pollock.

  Coffee Adict 18:25 10 Sep 2008

I've never eaten them, but did know they were not made from crab, what surprises me is that trading standards have not picked this one up yet.

  pj123 18:51 10 Sep 2008

I have never tried a "crab stick" but from my research they don't appear to have much (if any) crab.

I live in Norwich and if I want crab I go to Cromer and buy the real thing.

  laurie53 19:27 10 Sep 2008

When I lived in Norfolk you didn't have to go to Cromer to a get a Cromer crab. They used to export them to Norwich (and Swaffham and 'Lynn)

  Forum Editor 19:32 10 Sep 2008

and I've never been to Cromer for crabs - I get them in the fish shop in the village.

  Coffee Adict 19:45 10 Sep 2008

Mr FE, would you perhaps like to rephrase that.

Sorry I'll get my coat.

  jack 19:49 10 Sep 2008

I like fish at all levels however it comes

  ronalddonald 00:17 13 Sep 2008

you know that mayo is made form eggs and dont eggs go off.

  Coffee Adict 20:19 13 Sep 2008

Whilst perusing my local food emporium, known locally as the co-op I noticed that Youngs call theirs Fish Sticks and not Crab Sticks, the picture on the front definitely looked like a crab stick, so maybe trading standards have waived their naughty-naughty finger at the manufacturers.

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