Is DAB radio dead?

  ams4127 19:57 13 Aug 2011

Interesting article

I've tried it here on Anglesey, signal is very poor (when you can get it at all), so I'm sticking with good old FM.

  rdave13 20:01 13 Aug 2011

To be honest, in the area we live, it's not only DAB but freeview. I pay my full licence for BBC broadcasts and the freeview channels received are a lot less than even driving down 2 hrs down the road. So come on BBC lets get good reception for all licence payers.

  ams4127 20:28 13 Aug 2011

I totally agree with you. I have heard DAB when staying in Norfolk with my daughter, the signal was good but the quality was dreadful. The music sounded completely flat and lifeless.

  interzone55 20:59 13 Aug 2011

The BBC channels tend to be good on DAB, but the independent stations are too compressed.

I've got DAB in my car and the signal is much better than it is on my Roberts DAB radio in the house, and the best part is that once the signal gets poor in the car it drops out totally rather than bubbling.

DAB comes into its own for Five Live Sports Extra, full TMS without breaks, and the quality is much better than Radio Four Long Wave

  chub_tor 22:05 13 Aug 2011

We have six radios scattered around our house, all are DAB, reception is excellent and we have a wide choice of channels. However we rarely listen to music on them as we prefer the speech channels and if we listen to music it is invariably from a CD. We are located just north of Plymouth on the edge of Dartmoor and have no quibbles with signal strength for DAB, if only that was true for O2 and Vodafone cell phones- cannot use either within the house unless upstairs by a window.

  Woolwell 22:25 13 Aug 2011


We don't live far apart. I find DAB to be good. My Orange signal is ok but I seem to lose 3G more regularly nowadays.

  morddwyd 08:38 14 Aug 2011

"I pay my full licence for BBC broadcasts "

No you don't.

You pay your full licence to be able to install television receiving apparatus.

BBC broadcasts are free.

  morddwyd 09:00 14 Aug 2011

I must admit, my DAB radios (four of them) have been consigned to the garage awaiting disposal, though my wife still uses one in the conservatory.

The house radios, again four of them, are all internet radios.

I do have DAB in the car as FM is non-existent in large parts of the local area, but if internet radio became available, free, for the car I would use it.

Most of my life spent round jet engines means that sound quality is no longer an issue for me, and, to be fair, for most people since the majority seem to use tinny little "in-ear" earphones.

Those to whom sound quality is important (and detectable!) are unlikely to be getting their music from the air anyway.

Far too many people, not the knowledgeable people on this forum of course, listen to DAB on the built in speakers, and then complain they can't get the big booming bass so much a feature of modern broadcasts.

  rdave13 09:03 14 Aug 2011

Quite right morddwyd. I stand corrected. Still seems a bit unfair that we have a lot less freeview channels and that DAB radio signals here still arn't very good.

  morddwyd 11:07 14 Aug 2011


As you say, a bit unfair.

It's not just terrestrial though.

I pay full whack for Sky HD but Sky, in their wisdom, have decided to give me STV South instead of STV North (which they used to give me) even though my terrestrial signal is STV North, and even though my house regularly appears in North news bulletins when they are filming from the village, and nobody up here gets local ITV HD on Sky at all!

  proudfoot 11:50 14 Aug 2011

Personally I can't see why DAB radio is necessary. If any one wants digital radio it can be received through a TV or a PC. FM radio as long as you have a resonably decent aerial if in a low signal area is usually excellent. I have never heard a DAB broadcast but have read a number of reports that state the reception is flat particularly music and reception in a low signal strength area is either poor or non existant. I have also read that the electronics industry are pushing DAB to increase profit as sales of FM radios are falling. Presumably because most households in the UK already have FM and any sales are for radios that have failed in use and not worth repairing due to age etc. We have 6 FM radio's plus a car radio, If FM is scrapped as it is reported, they will all be useless. Not very environmentally friendly.

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