Cyclists and bike lamps

  Jak_1 11:49 16 Oct 2008

It's that time of year again, nights drawing in and further lowering of light levels due to weather conditions. Last evening, whilst driving, between 6-35 pm and 6-50 pm I encountered 7 people on bikes with no lamps, no reflectors and all wearing dark clothing. Not one of them had any sort of relective attire nor armbands etc. This made it extremely difficult to see them in the half light and drizzle conditions even in the beam from my headlights. I hasten to add that non of them were kids but adults who appeared to be in their 20s - 30s! I had to brake sharply for the first two (cycling together) as they appeared from behind a parked car. Fortunately my road speed was slow as I was turing right from a side road as there was a parked car partially blocking my view to the left. Further into my journey I encounted another five cyclist with no form of lighting and all wearing dark clothing.
Fortunately , in the first case, no one was hit and they just carried on merrily on their way, side by side, as if nothing had happened!
The thing is, cyclists like that give the cycling fraternity a bad name and are usually the first to scream and shout that the motorist should have paid more attention after being knocked off their bikes and the fault was all the motorists!

  birdface 12:17 16 Oct 2008

Unfortunately some learn the hard way.In years gone bye most cycles had dynamo's on them which ran your back and front lights.I am not sure if modern bikes still have them.They do not realize that they are putting there lives at risk for the sake of spending a few £ on lights or flash reflectors,or hazard jackets.very few wear protective helmets.It seems to be a trend that is getting worse,Most cyclists around here either have no lights or lights that do not work properly.The cyclists that do have proper lights are in a minority today.

  dagbladet 12:25 16 Oct 2008


Interesting responses so far as, certainly in my area (SE London), Id say that generally more people use lights and helmets than in the past. The vast majority have those little silver-blue flashing lights on the front with a sometimes flashing red on the back. Quite effective. None of us ever had lights in my youth. Dynamo's were too hard to pedal, and batteries were too expensive. Surely it's better now.

  spuds 12:26 16 Oct 2008

There is no excuse for not having lights on a bike. Places like Poundland and PoundWorld and similar outlets usually stock them. They even stock High Visibility vest's on occasions :O)

  dagbladet 12:31 16 Oct 2008

How much are they?

  Covergirl 12:32 16 Oct 2008

Mornings are bad too, with a proliferation of newspaper boys (and girls) doing their rounds without lights, reflectors or light clothing.

IMHO the government should make it law for the newsagent to provide lights and batteries at their own expense and to fire any paperboy(girl) who is caught not using them for any reason.

The human, legal and emotional costs for the person injuring (or even killing) a pedestrian or cyclist are huge.

Trouble is, young kids doing their paper round don't appreciate this and think they're indestructible. Unfortunately they ain't.

Wrong - I've never hit or been hit. Just my POV.

As for adults without lights . . . .

Pass me my shotgun Jeeves . . .. !

  Seth Haniel 12:34 16 Oct 2008

Will you listen to my plight?
The curse that haunts me day and night,
It stops me dead try as I might,
You've guessed it, it's the 'Traffic Light'.

There's no through road that I have seen,
Without Lights changing Red from Green,
From whichever direction I have been,
I'm stopped, recurring, like a bad dream.

The traffic scheme set for this town,
Is sure to make the most humble frown,
When it starts to get you down,
Ask was it designed by a clown?

Rush hour traffic for positions fight,
Cyclists with no brains or lights,
The 'Challenge' was to set things right,
To make our transport problems bright,

But is it money down the drain.
Will we be able to take the strain?
Waiting for a bus is such a strain,
This new road project is not our gain

  dagbladet 12:35 16 Oct 2008


  Condom 13:27 16 Oct 2008

We have cycle paths all round our town but it still doesn't stop the irresponsible ones from cycling on pavements. My dog nearly had one for breakfast a few days ago. I just hope that what he left behind was not blamed on my dog. lol.

  wee eddie 13:36 16 Oct 2008

at places such as corners and where the road narrows, which are, surely, the principle places that they are needed.

Also, there appears to be no remit for the Police or Traffic Wardens to Ticket those who block what Cycle Lanes that there are.

  dagbladet 13:41 16 Oct 2008

I've not had a bike for about 35 years, have no great affinnity towards cyclists yet find myself strangely defensive of them all of a sudden.

I'm not saying there's not some inconsiderate cyclists around, but this 'baying mob' all of a sudden?

Anyway, I'll step aside and leave you to it. Give me a shout when we're doing Disabled badge holders who park in stupid places. Now there's an inconsiderate bunch.

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