Cuts in public services.

  ened 07:39 23 Apr 2009

Quote from another thread:
"Reduction in public spending will badly affect the NHS."

I went,with my wife, for a blood test.

There were about fifteen people waiting and one technician in a room taking the blood. After every test she locked up her cubicle and trotted off somewhere (It turns out she was going to the labs with the sample she had just taken. In the meantime, for whe whole period we were waiting, there was another room with a hatch behind which were FIVE women all standing around chatting. An hour and a half we waited for a simple blood test during whioch time we could hear these women laughing and joking as if it was a social occasion.

I have said for a long time that the NHS does not need more cash: it needs to be re-organised and they could save millions by making it more efficient, probably delivering a better service along the way.

  birdface 09:40 23 Apr 2009

My wife had to go to hospital for a health check after having a suspected mild stroke.While in there getting all the wires fitted I went through to the X-ray department to try and get an appointment for her to go in for an Ultra Sound scan which the Doctor said she needed.
They gave her her scan as soon as she was finished with her first test and we were in and out of the Hospital in 40 Minutes.Now that is what I call good service.
This from a Hospital that was classed as the worst in the Uk a few years ago.

  interzone55 11:15 23 Apr 2009

When my wife has to have her regular blood tests at North Manchester hospital the 5 tubes are labelled and added to existing tests, then someone comes round and carts them all away.

Perhaps the technician at your hospital needs a visit from a time & motion person...

  donki 11:37 23 Apr 2009

Hmmm there seems to be alot of wives going to the hospital lately :).

Maybe a stupid question but why go to a hospital for routine blood work, can your local nurse not just do that?

  lofty29 11:54 23 Apr 2009

Just lately I have had to have a lot of blood tests done, both at the hospital and the local GP's, and have found that it is fairly efficient, and they are sent off in batches not individually, good job I am not "ancock"

  ened 13:37 23 Apr 2009

"Perhaps the technician at your hospital needs a visit from a time & motion person..."

Knowing the NHS that is probably what the other five women were (supposed to be) doing!

Twelve years worth of a ridiculously large amount of money has been squandered and there is little or no improvement. In some cases the service is worse - especially as people don't choose to be ill.

Recently my elderly parent had some issues at Truro and a friend of mine had an appointment at the John Radcliffe (Oxford) at 10:00. She was eventually called in at 13:00 and returned to her car at 15:00 to find a ticket on it!!

  interzone55 14:01 23 Apr 2009

My wife sees a specialist every 6 months, then has an armful of blood taken straight after the appointment.

If the tests need doing prior to the appointment then she just needs to go to see the district nurse with a bottle of wee for testing and then have the 5 blood samples taken.

  interzone55 14:04 23 Apr 2009

"Twelve years worth of a ridiculously large amount of money has been squandered and there is little or no improvement."

That really depends on where you are, for decades all the NHS money had been spent in the Home Counties, so hospitals outside that area had very little money for service improvements.

Over the last few years a lot of the money has come north, and hospitals like Manchester Royal Infirmary have some amazing new facilities. In Rochdale a lot of money has been spent on new "cottage" hospitals bring care to local communities.

But on the other hand, literally billions has been wasted on an IT infrastructure that is failing badly...

  BT 17:23 23 Apr 2009

My wife has to have regular blood tests as she takes Warfarin. These are taken at the surgery on a Monday morning at a special clinic - the lady who takes the blood is a receptionist for the rest of the week and is also available for emergency blood tests. The results are available on Tuesday afternoon if I phone and they arrive in the post on Wednesday. If there is any change in her medication THEY phone US on Tuesday. Not bad service I think.

  Forum Editor 18:09 23 Apr 2009

and joking as if it was a social occasion"

Well surely that has nothing to do with blood tests. Everyone laughs and jokes at work, and these women would be unlikely to do their work any better if they didn't laugh and joke.

My experience of the NHS is that when you're really in need of help the hospital staff come up trumps.

  ened 18:33 23 Apr 2009

If you go into any hospital you are likely to see such an occurence.

They were being paid a salary and I saw very little productivity in the time we were sat there.

Why could at least one of them not have assisted the technician?

Probably not qualified? Well get rid of them and employ people who will be productive then!

I believe hospitals are top-heavy and need to be run more like businesses where they have to justify all expenditure. As with all public run bodies money is squandered in the NHS which would not be if someone was to be held more accountable.

I see money wasted in many public areas and it makes me mad because, as a small businessman, I would be bankrupt if I made the spending decisions some of these officials make!

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