A cut too much? Forensic archive closes.

  Forum Editor 08:26 18 Jul 2012

The forensic archive in England and Wales was closed in March, prompting a barrage of criticism from legal experts and Police. There are forecasts of miscarriages of justice.

read about it here I sometimes wonder if the government is being carried away with its mania for cost-cutting, but perhaps I'm worrying unnecessarily?

  Quickbeam 08:48 18 Jul 2012

"the government closed the FSS from taking on more material, arguing that it had been losing money."

Some things shouldn't be costed on account that they're not creating a profit, but are of great public benefit.

It will mean that the individual police forces, that end up with separate data storage systems, will at some time in the future find themselves back in the Yorkshire Ripper era whereby separate police force investigations aren't linked together for months as nobody is overseeing the greater collated evidence.

That was supposed to be one of the things that was supposed to be learnt after the Yorkshire Ripper and Black Panther investigations that could have been solved years earlier with a central records system in operation.

  morddwyd 09:03 18 Jul 2012

"Lessons will be learned" but only if it doesn't cost too much.

How long before a paedophile or serial killer re=offends because of a failure to link?

  Quickbeam 09:28 18 Jul 2012

Not very long I'll bet morddwyd. Then they'll have a multi million pound inquiry that'll come to the same conclusion as as the ripper and panther ones did!

  Woolwell 09:59 18 Jul 2012

The budget for running the FSS old archive will be very much lower than before. Meanwhile each police force will have to take money from its budget, or get a new budget, to establish their own archives. I suspect that the cost of running each individual archive will add up to more than the money saved from the national archive. This looks like a classic case of bean counters failing to look at the total strategic picture.

  Aitchbee 10:04 18 Jul 2012

Does this ' money-saving-scheme ' mean that all of these unsolved murders [see link below] will be 'swept under the carpet?


  Chegs ®™ 10:12 18 Jul 2012

The FSS isn't supposed to make money but was a valuable central resource.I'm heartily sick of this government after it's austerity measures,just so they can trot out infront of a TV camera & say "look at how much we've saved the public"

  spuds 15:55 18 Jul 2012

It isn't just this present government who can say "look how much we've saved the public". The last government was as bad, and you only need to look at all the brand new and now redundant fire and emergency control centres lying idle around the country, that are still having to meet leasing and maintenance costs for the next decade or so!.

  oresome 17:18 18 Jul 2012

It cannot save money having 43 police forces doing their own thing.

It's more about transfering the budget from one source to another, but yet ultimately still financed by you and me.

I might add that having 43 police forces was OK in Dick Turpins era.

  morddwyd 19:22 18 Jul 2012

"Can you produce the evidence to show that FSS always made the links?"

For God's sake.

Can't one even express an opinion without producing a sworn affidavit?

  Aitchbee 19:34 18 Jul 2012

It is a cut too much.This government's cast list wouldn't look outta place in a 'Carry On ...' film. Are there any suggestions to complete the comedy title? (Keep it clean, please).

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