The cut and thrust of online discussion...

  Brumas 00:23 03 Oct 2006

If you do not agree with a valid point raised, do you

A) Put forward your opinion after reading and evaluating what has been written in a thoughtful and constructive way…… or do you

B) Resort to sarcasm, if you do not agree with what has been written in order to boost your ego, thus denigrating the poster’s efforts and maybe put them off ever again posting a comment for fear of being ridiculed?(sorry for the long sentence)

Don’t get me wrong – we are all adults and do not need to be wrapped in cotton-wool and shielded from harsh words and strong banter but surely this can be carried out in a friendly and respectful manner?

No doubt I shall be labelled as a weak-willed appeaser, far from it – I just believe in mutual respect, read Desiderata if you want to get my drift!

  IClaudio 00:39 03 Oct 2006

It's a shame that some writers feel that they can insult anyone from behind their cloak of anonymity. The Web is like a school playground with its spotty geeks and its coarse bulllies, and those poor individuals who think that they are blessed with some verbose, divine insight not afforded to mere mortals.

If you've been offended by one of these, just be glad that you've not descending to their primitive level...

  wolfie3000 00:42 03 Oct 2006

I do neither, i usually skim the thread and then write my opinion (usually way off the mark as i dont usually read all the posts) lol

But to be serious i think theres more than 2 ways to answer a thread, Most people in here have there own unique style of answering.

FE contains an infinate amount of knowlecge and manages to answer every question posed,
GANDALF is up front with his comments and me?

Well i usually tend to steer clear of threads that i dont understand such as the tax thread.

  Monument 07:44 03 Oct 2006

I find myself totally agreeing with your comments at B).

Particular posters are incapable of responding to any thread without resorting to unnecessary and often unpleasant levels of sarcasm. They may think themselves clever but as you say it could easily lead to some people being put off contributing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:12 03 Oct 2006

I don't suffer fools gladly and always let loose with both barrels. I alwys take the ground that if you are big enough to make public statements you need to be able to defend them without being a big girls' blouse. People place far too much important on forum spats....and I never hide behind a cloak of anonimity as I keep shamelessly pimping my photo website ad nauseum.

'If you've been offended by one of these, just be glad that you've not descending to their primitive level...oh puhleeze, it is an electronic forum that we are talking about and how can one be verbose and primitive?


  egapup 08:37 03 Oct 2006

I hate the ones who think theyre better then anybody else, some of thier comments are pretty obnoxious and unnecessary, makes me wonder why they bother coming into a open forum where all us common, uneducated, folk can have a say.

  Altruist 08:40 03 Oct 2006

seems to be the norm but it's not important enough to bother me unduly. Some people, I feel, say things on here that they wouldn't dream of saying 'face-to-face.'

  wee eddie 09:44 03 Oct 2006

do not descend into personal abuse when I disagree with another posting.

However I hold the ability to disagree as one of the best parts of this Forum.

I know that I have a dreadful habit of playing "Devil's Advocate" when there looks like a good barney in the offing. So much more fun than mutual back scratching!

  spuds 10:16 03 Oct 2006

Live and let live, all to their own type of thing,some you win, some you lose, I say.

I assume that the nature of this thread and question, comes from the seemingly ever increasing comments that seem to appear on a daily dispute or spat within the forum?.

  Brumas 10:34 03 Oct 2006

I personally am 'big enough and ugly enough' to look after myself both physically and, to some extent, mentally (had a nervous breakdown 10 years and I am still a little 'touchy'). Yes, I find some of the comments/responses childish to say the least - but I can cope with that.

I did not start this thread because I personally have been insulted, hell, being ex Merchant Navy and Army this sort of banter is water off a duck's back. It was just an observation on reading quite a lot of posts from Speaker's Corner.

If the cap fits - wear it!

  Pamy 10:51 03 Oct 2006

I was the one that was sarcastic in the Tax Question. I do do it at timesI know, but usually appologise after. I will try to be better in future. Promise


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