Cut aff in oor prime

  Ungus 09:59 11 May 2015

Ach weel spider yon forum gadgie is fare scunnert oh oor havers an rin us oot oh toun, its a sair fecht loon.

  QuizMan 16:20 11 May 2015

I think it is John Bercow practising for the resumption of Parliament. Should make for interesting PMQ's

  john bunyan 17:00 11 May 2015


Dè a tha seo?

The first post was too easy ,even for a Sassenach.


Good thought!

  john bunyan 17:13 11 May 2015

Following the success of the SNP, will the YDM be next? The dialect there is brilliant, and they would form a useful group with their northern colleagues. The House of Commons will have to install those headphones and simultaneous translators...

Yorkshire Defence Movement

If they do, Some will begin to suspect this whole issue is a dastardly Etonian plot to go back to the old "divide and rule" tactic employed in the Raj....

1]: [click here

  Brumas 21:50 11 May 2015

spider9. i was thinking more of absorbing Scotland into Yorkshire although I have absolutely no idea what they could improve as we are pretty well nigh on perfect as it is ;o}

  bumpkin 22:24 11 May 2015

as we are pretty well nigh on perfect as it is ;o}

If dirty, scruffy, ill mannered and mean is your idea of perfection then I think that the Scots have a lot to offer you.

  bumpkin 22:32 11 May 2015

Poorly put by me, the Scots are the opposite, I meant that they could offer a lot to Yorkshire. Oh for an edit facility.

  Brumas 23:09 11 May 2015

bumpkin will you 'run that past me' again because I can't make out whether or not you are insulting me i.e. Yorkshire, something I do not take kindly to, or Scotland??

  Brumas 23:34 11 May 2015

spider9 LOL and by the way, who said the War of the Roses actually finished? ;o}}

  john bunyan 09:19 12 May 2015

Divide and rule is working!!

  Ungus 09:29 12 May 2015

John Bunyon Ciamer a tha thu? Tha sin gie mhath, a bheil Gadihlig agad?.

I have a little Gaelic " chan eil moran"

My Grandparents first language was Gaelic my parents spoke it quietely at home. Without bringing politics into it i am sure you know that in my young day [50s] it was beaten out of you at school if you used it as it was considered to be backward and uncultured. Glad to say it is making a comeback and its status is very much on the up and the decline is steadying with just about all road signs from around Perth going north in Gaelic and English and a few schools teaching in the medium, which raises its profile. Its such a shame it was outlawed after the the Jacobite uprisings and that its persecution was by lowland Scots. I have very little as when i left home i never used it at all and most of it has gone from my mind and it wasnt used much by me at home in anycase. It is without doubt the langauge spoken in heaven by the angels so when i pop off my limited knowledge might get me in, dont know what you Sassenachs are going to do.

Clanna nan Gaedheal ri guaillibh a cheile [ children of the gaels [clans] shoulder to shoulder] or something like that.

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