Shopgirl 15:47 22 Mar 2011

This topic is for the ladies.
1: Do you think Curves gym clubs works?
2: Is the subscription worth it.
3: Have you noticed any changes in your figure
if you have used it ?
I have been going to Curves for one year people have noticed a differance in my shape.
I would like your views on the subject.

  donki 16:23 22 Mar 2011

This can be said for guys to and any gym, a gym is only as good as the member using it and the effort he or she puts in. I know friends who pay £35/month go once a week, eat crap and think that paying the money each month without doing anything will somehow keep them in shape.

  wee eddie 16:53 22 Mar 2011

However I might add.

A good, motivational, Aerobics Instructor (2 or 3 times each week) and a sensible Eating Plan would achieve very much the same thing.

  Dragon_Heart 17:46 22 Mar 2011

The people who attend our local gym always come in their car and always park as close to the entrance as possible and most can be seen in the pub after ?

  Forum Editor 17:50 22 Mar 2011

It's called thirsting after righteousness.

  wellshgit 19:25 22 Mar 2011

Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down till it passes.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:45 22 Mar 2011

I took the decision to do something about my weight and blood pressure, so since mid january I have been hitting the wii fit board about 4 times a week. I'm now up to about 2 hours per session and have lowered my bmi from 32.04 down to 28.20 in that time. I realise that wii exercises do not have the best of reputations among the exercise professional, but what they hey, it works for me, and along with a bit more sensible eating habits have done me a pile of good. I've even had to buy some braces to hold my trousers up due to a shrinking waistline!

I simply cant justify the time or expense of a gym membership though. But like lots of things, willpower and motivation play a large part.


  ams4127 20:15 22 Mar 2011

Love it FE!!

  Blackhat 20:42 22 Mar 2011

As a result of a recent health scare I have started a self help fitness regime. The last thing I would consider is joining a gym or similar establishment.

I used to be very fit (20+years ago) had run 3 marathons, was a regular skydiver, scuba diver, competed in the ring in full contact karate, then bought house, marriage, gone into business etc. I now drink and smoke too much and suffer the stress of running manufacturing companies in the current climate.

I know how to work out and can do this in my own time, including behind closed doors in my office, it is totally down to me how I progress but I have my own excel spread sheets to track progress and am tracking weight, pulse recovery & blood pressure on charts so that it is in my face if I let myself down. I have my own targets but my doctor is monitoring me also.

Most people I know who have gym memberships seem to flout them as a vanity thing and probably believe that the more the membership fee the better their health!

You need good diet; exercise that raises your heart beat consistently for a reasonable time on a regular basis and cut down/out the fags & booze.

It won’t happen overnight but if you keep a track of progress and remain committed you can achieve what you want in the long term with in house exercise and discipline.

  DippyGirl 20:58 22 Mar 2011

"Doctor if I give up my bad diet, drinking, sex, and smoking......will I live longer?"
"No it will just seem that way"

Good luck to all looking for the healthy option.
As has been mentioned it's more than what you wear and where you sweat (or gently glow!) .... but who is this Jim character?

  Monoux 21:21 22 Mar 2011

Jim was the captain of the starship Enterprise :o)

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