Current Credit Card scams

  Buchan 35 14:22 15 Dec 2004

A smartly dressed lady comes to your door in great distress and explains that her car has broken down and may she use your telephone. Samaritan that you are you say yes.She phones her husband and after about 5 minutes hangs up, offers to pay and you say no and she then leaves to wait in her car for her husband.
She had set up a premium account line wit some telephone company costing £150.00 with instructions to charge callers £50.00 per minute. Her "husband" was the premium line with a pre recorded message that she spoke to and you of course know nothing about this until your next phone bill arrives with the £250.00 added on. She of course pockets the majority of this.
This information came to me via the Forces Reunited website, was posted by Andy Bell with the permission of PC Paul Toseland of the Corby Business Anti-crime Network.
Another credit card scam is a person purporting to be from your CC company making enquiries about your card usage and "for verification" asks for your card security number. Your CC company already knows everything about your card so would not ask such a question. Hope nobody on our forum here ever suffers as some obviously have.

  Spanglish 14:53 15 Dec 2004

The problem with the first one is that it is not classed as a crime!! You have given them permission to ue your phone,if someone does request to use your phone I would suggest that YOU tell them that YOU will dial the number, just watch the speed with which they depart.If you can get the VRM of the car ,do so and report it to yopur local police who though will not be able to act purely on your report thay can then warn people to be aware. . The second is that NEVER give your PIN or other details to anyone that you do not know.

  €dstowe 15:30 15 Dec 2004

I had someone come to my studio a few months ago asking to use the phone with some excuse about urgency of the call (I can't remember the details). I refused but offered to let her use my mobile. She was reluctant at first and then asked "Is it pay as you go?" I said it was. She went away rather quickly.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:35 15 Dec 2004

This is an old hoax and has been doing the tired rounds for 3 years and you are always asked to 'pass the message on'. The MAXIMUM that you can pay, set by Icstis, is £1.50/minute. If this were true it would have been in all the newspapers and TV progs well before now. click here

Another variation click here

The credit card warning is partly true but you would need a lot more than the verification number for it to work.

Sending emails aboput these hoaxes just uses valuable bandwidth and if anyone stops and thinks logically they are truly barking stories. A little Googling will save time. I suggest that you inform the site of this hoax and tell people NOT to send it on.


  Buchan 35 21:19 15 Dec 2004

OK end of story.

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