Curious propoganda

  m800afc 00:00 19 Dec 2011

I discovered this image whilst looking through my late fathers photographs. He served in North Africa and this image was in the folder of photographs of him and his comrades whilst in Egypt. This does not mean that this photo is from Egypt. Can anyone shed any light on it?

  lotvic 01:30 19 Dec 2011

Just over half way down this page picture same as yours and explanation of what about.

  lotvic 10:57 19 Dec 2011

"Does this show the power of Google Images?"

Yes and no, it was on page 2 of the results for Google Images using text search term 'spoof photo Hitler as baby' :)

I didn't get any results by drag and drop your pic directly into an Image search.

  lotvic 11:01 19 Dec 2011

edit: should have said 'didn't get any results by drag and drop m800afc's pic directly into an Image search'.

  lotvic 12:36 19 Dec 2011

"What on earth was on page1?" Mixture of images, some sick humour (I don't find it a joking matter).

  m800afc 19:18 20 Dec 2011


Thanks for the link, it's a very interesting page.


  Aitchbee 19:54 20 Dec 2011

The background montages on BBC's "Have I Got News For You" have similar photographic 'denouments'. Laughter is the best policy.

  lotvic 23:05 20 Dec 2011

"Laughter is the best policy"

Not always - as MP Aidan Burley discovered.

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