crosstrainer 21:34 26 Apr 2008


How on earth do you ge out of the caves?

  citadel 22:30 26 Apr 2008

crysis walkthough into google, the one at has pictures.

  rdave13 22:40 26 Apr 2008

Ah. You are either a gamer or a cheater. Which one...;)..?

  rdave13 22:43 26 Apr 2008

PS. hope your 'rich man's' gout is better...

  crosstrainer 22:53 26 Apr 2008

I was waitng for the cheap shot...

No, I don't cheat

No Gout is not a "rich man's affliction"

Anything else you would like to know?

  [email protected] 22:56 26 Apr 2008

you do know there are forums for pretty much every game? click here

  rdave13 23:01 26 Apr 2008

Not meant as a cheap shot.. just gentle humour. Sorry you can't take a joke as was meant: even though your previous post seemed to invite it.
Please accept my humble apologies for the said 'cheap shot'.
Sorry you can't laugh at yourself.

  crosstrainer 23:01 26 Apr 2008

Yes, thanks for that....

Just thought that I'd find somone who lack's understanding!

  crosstrainer 23:04 26 Apr 2008

Now you are making feel bad.... Aplogies accepted.

Just the Rich man bit (abd the pain) That got to me)

  [email protected] 23:09 26 Apr 2008

only read them myself, never ask anything or someone half my age will call me a noob! click here
click here
install 1.2 onto any version, before 1.2.1

  rdave13 23:09 26 Apr 2008

What the heck eh?

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