Crucial customer service isn't what it was

  beeuuem~2 15:30 04 Mar 2019

Crucial have had a very good reputation for the quality of their products and, as importantly, their customer service and support on the rare occasion a problem arose.This seems to have changed and not for the better.

I have a faulty RAM module, bought as part of a kit three years ago. There is no argument that this is covered by the Crucial warranty.

After three 'phone calls, two on line chats and three emails, the last in response to an email asking for details supplied twice previously, I'm no nearer to getting an RMA number and an address to send the faulty item to than a week ago. All the agents and mails are very polite, appear to want to help, but nothing seems to actually happen in terms of processing and advancing the warranty claim.

When the RAM was purchased it was £25.00 for a Ballistix 8Gb kit, which is, apparently, no longer available. The nearest equivalent to replace the kit would now be £45.00 hence the warranty claim!

  wee eddie 22:25 04 Mar 2019

Have you read the T&C's

  lotvic 22:57 04 Mar 2019

As per wee eddie says. The warranty T&C's - get a quicker response via:

"To obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for your defective product, use the chart below to find your region-specific website (RMA website) where you can quickly get an RMA number. You can also obtain an RMA number by contacting a customer service representative, but you will receive the fastest possible service online."

returns & warranty replacement request

  beeuuem~2 23:45 04 Mar 2019

I have made a claim on line, spoken to three representatives by phone a further two on the on line chat giving all the relevant information and replied to the two emails received from these efforts.

To make a claim you need to have or create an account. I've had an account with them since 2002 and, one would think, some details details of calls/claims would be recorded against the account

The last 'phone call resulted in an email asking again for information that has been given at least three times previously. viz.,

' Thank you for your email. I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with your Crucial memory.

To help us establish the cause of the issue and gather the details we need,as we don`t have a replacement for this model of RAMs could you please confirm as much of the information below as possible in order to find the most suitable replacement:

  • Your name and full address:
  • order number (if applicable):
  • What is the memory part number printed on the sticker (starting CT or BL):
  • What specific issues are you having?
  • When did the problems first occur?
  • Have the memory ever worked installed on your system?
  • Tell us of any troubleshooting steps you have attempted prior to contacting us:
  • The exact system or motherboard model the memory is used in:
  • Operating system:
  • Have you tried installing the memory one module at a time individually? What was the outcome of this?
  • How many modules are you wishing to exchange?

Once we know the above information, we can either provide a solution or give you instructions on sending the memory back to us for an exchange.'

Although all this information has been given at least three times by phone, chat and mail this was completed and returned within an hour of receipt and was followed by ........silence.

  lotvic 01:19 05 Mar 2019

Yep, that's more than enough to try anyone's patience...

  LastChip 10:30 05 Mar 2019

In truth, I used Crucial for years and never had a problem. But last time I needed some RAM, I found them a little expensive. So I did a search and came up with Mr Memory. Excellent service as regards delivery, but I can't comment on what they're like for returns. I did a check on the new memory too and there were no errors.

Five star reviews too.

It just goes to show, you can ever sit on your laurels, there's always someone else to take your place.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:42 05 Mar 2019

Before buying new RAM last year, I had not heard about a possible deterioration in customer service. I have, however, always bought Crucial RAM, since around 2002 and have never had a problem with compatibility or reliability.

  Forum Editor 13:50 05 Mar 2019

I bought some RAM modules from Crucial a couple of weeks ago, and got the usual prompt delivery.

I have never needed the company's after-sales service however, and - no doubt like others - I'll watch your thread with interest. Please be sure to update us.

  beeuuem~2 12:47 06 Mar 2019

I too have always bought Crucial memory without any problems since 2002. indeed I have a feeling that stems, at least in part, from the recommendations here.

Yesterday I 'chatted' again with Crucial and this time did receive an email with an RMA and return details. The faulty kit is now on it's way back by Special Delivery.

Watch this space!

  wee eddie 13:56 06 Mar 2019

Crucial used to have a presence here. It's just possible that they still do and your thread alerted them to the problem

  beeuuem~2 14:14 13 Mar 2019

Well, we got there in the end ! Having received the RMA and returned the RAM on 6th March, a new 8Gb kit was received yesterday, 12th March.

Hooray! After a couple of hiccups Crucial have lived up to their reputation and honoured the warranty, for which I'm very grateful.

While many components have remained relatively stable in price, RAM isn't one of them. The original kit, no longer available, was £28.50 in 2016. The supplied replacement kit, had I had to buy one, would have cost £70.00.

I'm happy and my faith in Crucial is restored.

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