CRT and headaches

  onthebog 23:49 30 Dec 2005

I was using a Samsung SyncMaster 753DFX (on a Radeon 9800 Pro) at 120Hz and experienced headaches on a regular basis. There was little or no reflections on this screen, and I sat over 2 feet from it. This happened after about 1 hour normally.

I use TFT's at work and do not suffer in this way. This has prompted me to get a 19" widesrceen TFT at home. I have the same problem when using other peoples CRT displays. Has anyone else experienced something similar, or is it just my eyes gone wonky? Thanks for any input as Googling has not been much use.

  DieSse 00:30 31 Dec 2005

It's most likely to be lighting, posture (chair?) and/or psychosomatic. There's nothing inherently different about a high refresh rate CRT and a TFT in terms of picture stability - though the quality (sharpness, eyc) of the actual display in use matters of course.

I've use CRTs for many, many years - and now use a TFT - I've never had headaches.

  josie mayhem 00:38 31 Dec 2005

I find it's the other way around for me, when using my CRT screen (inch) I don't need to wear my glasses, but with my laptop I need them badly mega head ache starts within 10 Min's of using it.

The other thing I find with TFT's is that they always seem to have a concave effect to the screen, when I mentioned this to my manager at work (we were both looking at some work on the screen together) her reaction was to give me a strange look and told me to have my eyes checked!!!

So I think its partly due to what your eyes are seeing and the flicker effect, my CRT is quiet low setting is about Hertz if I remember rightly

  Chegs ®™ 02:55 31 Dec 2005

I use a 21" CRT,I also have a TFT on the laptop.Both screens give me headaches inuse,the CRT though takes hours before I encounter trouble,the laptop takes less than 20 mins to not only give me a headache but I get red bloodshot eyes to. I have recently replaced my specs as I thought this might be the cause,but they dont help in the slightest.With the desktops CRT though,I simply give my eyes a break for a few minutes(as thats how long it takes to make a brew)a few times per session on the PC.

  onthebog 09:29 31 Dec 2005

Spoke to a guy in the pub the last night on this subject - he reckoned it's because the screens are rectangular and our eyes are oval that we have these problems. Mind you, he saw Elvis at the petrol station last week too.................

  Forum Editor 09:43 31 Dec 2005

that the cause of your problem is a refresh rate that's too low. The screen shimmer means that your eyes are trying to focus many times a second, and over a period of time this leads to extreme fatigue.

Set the refresh rate as high as it will go for your graphics card/monitor - 75Hz is the minimum for comfort - and your headaches should be a thing of the past.

  amonra 19:03 31 Dec 2005

Sometimes happens when you view the comp. screens with fluorescent tube lighting above your desk. The 50HZ "flashing" effect from the light is different to the refresh rate of the screen and a low frequency strobe effect results. This can give the effects you noticed, Just a thought, try working with an ordinary bulb for a while.

  Tazfan 12:07 01 Jan 2006

Since getting my TFT, I have had eyestrain after a short while of use. Ive tried all sorts of different setting, the refresh rate is 75Hz, and no fluroescent lighting in the room.
I have had an eye test and dont need glasses. Im thinking about getting rid, and going back to CRT. It will be a shame cause Ihave got used to, and like, the look of the TFT, and the space gained from its use.

  VCR97 18:53 01 Jan 2006

Try experimenting with the brilliance setting. That stopped my TFT problem.

  ade.h 21:12 01 Jan 2006

An optometrist told me a while ago that astigmatism can contribute to such problems, especially when combined with short sight and you have to wear glasses all the time.

Certainly, I can only use a CRT for short periods, and avoid them as much as possible. All my monitors are now TFTs.

  onthebog 23:53 01 Jan 2006

That's interesting as I do have to wear reading glasses most of the time (ironically this is less of a problem when using TFT screens)

My optician told me reduce the amount of time I spend in front of computer screens. Sadly that's easier to say than to do.

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