A Cross-Triner Problem

  crosstrainer 09:02 30 Aug 2008

...No, not me, but with the machine which links me to my nickname here!

Problem is: I daily use a Bremshey Orbit Competition Crosstraining machine. I have recently given it a full service, greased all points, torque settings etc.

I was given the all clear to start using it again at low levels a couple of weeks ago, but (and here is the problem)

The tension controller circuit board has gone. The company no longer supply the parts for this machine (circa 2000) so I can't find a new board to effect the required repair. The board in question is located under the front left hand cover of the machine, and is a simple "swap out" replacement.

Anyone know where I might put my hands on one (new or secondhand) ?

  crosstrainer 09:02 30 Aug 2008

Must wear my glasses should read " A Cross-Trainer Problem"!

  jack 09:21 30 Aug 2008

Why do I ask?
Many years ago when front loading washing machines
were the latest thing - our Hoover ceased to work.
Went to shop whence it came and here they shrugged it off as 'Sorry don't know anything about them- cant help you'
So nothing for it be to have a go my self.
Took back off and found straight away a big burn in a circuit board.
Then I had a brainwave- In my perambulations around the Tottemham Court Road area of London - I frequently passed the showroom window of Mullard the electronics firm - there they had a display of bits and pieces they made for Hoover with a Washing machine in the Window.
So I took the part in, and asked the guy- 'got anything like this?'
He took me to the window - pulled a piece off the display - whereby we examined it- it looked sort of like it except it was a hand made piece and the polarity was reversed.
Take it he said give it a whiz.
So I did- remembering to reverse the polarity when plugging it in.
That machine Fired up and continued for a number of years until its motor died.
So the moral/question is- does stuff change that much in this type of thing?
If they no longer keep parts for your exact model
what about the next one? -

  crosstrainer 09:24 30 Aug 2008

Sadly, the manufacturer has "Merged" with another well known company, and spares are incompatible. I don't want to bin a perfectly good machine if I don't have to. I'm sure that someone will know, or have one sitting in a garage somewhere :)

Hope so anyway!

  spuds 11:44 30 Aug 2008

Not saying its the solution, but have you got a technical college in easy reach. They might find time for one of their budding students, to do a possible repair job for you!.

  crosstrainer 13:14 30 Aug 2008

I've put the meters across it, the faulty components are a transformer and a couple of capacitors....I would fix it myself, but the way the board is designed makes it impossible.

Putting a soldering iron anywhere near it will render it useless anyway!

It's one of those "Planned obsolescence things" :(

  crosstrainer 13:59 30 Aug 2008

I have the manual, and part's list if that helps.

  jack 14:36 30 Aug 2008

Any worse
perhaps a Technical College may be up to it as a challenge/project
After all in your own words the piece is not going to make a miraculous recovery

  crosstrainer 14:38 30 Aug 2008

It's such a small component, and the machine is in A1 condition. I have a degree in electronics, so if it was repairable I would do so...

So annoying...

  WhiteTruckMan 14:47 30 Aug 2008

click here

Any help?


  crosstrainer 14:50 30 Aug 2008

Hi, no, unfortunately, that's the firm I purchased it from, and they have none left (common fault it seems)

Thanks anyway :))

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