Cressida Dick Doing a Disservice to Women?

  oresome 16:22 03 Apr 2017

The first woman to be appointed commissioner of the Met has accepted the job on a reduced salary, some £40k less than her predecessor.


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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 03 Apr 2017

Perhaps she only intends to do 75% of the work her predecessor did :0)

Let's put women in all the top jobs, it'll save the country a fortune :0)

Stands back and waits for the barrage to commence

Surely she negotiated the salary before taking the job therefore its up to her.

  Teabag. 17:37 03 Apr 2017

Will the outstanding £40k pay for a chauffeur or are the included in the package?

  Belatucadrus 17:59 03 Apr 2017

Maybe she thought the job would be easier with the money spent on additional staff. Or maybe it's a subtle suggestion that Sir Bernard wasn't worth what he was paid ?

  wee eddie 19:10 03 Apr 2017

The Police, as with all other Government Agencies, have been under pressure to reduce their overall Staffing costs.

She could not, hand on heart, have asked the lower ranks to accept less had she taken a higher salary

  LastChip 09:53 05 Apr 2017

It's still way too much money, but all credit to her for showing some leadership in this.

Top salaries are out of hand. The problem is, she could (justifiably) argue, that it's still a drop in the ocean compared to the private sector which offers obscene salaries to top directors.

None of them are worth it.

Just stop and think how long it would take an average worker to earn £230,000. More to the point, think how long it would take to £5.5m.

It's one thing being recognised for your contribution to a companies profits, but quite another when (in some cases) your lowest paid workers are on the minimum wage.

While I'm all for a capitalist style system, there should be some restraint.

  Burn-it 15:34 05 Apr 2017

It may have dropped her below a significant TAX point.

  Pine Man 16:03 05 Apr 2017

Maybe she's turning the clock back to a point prior to the early 70s when policewomen got less pay than policemen. In those days women were not operational and I doubt that she will be truly operational so.........

  oresome 19:37 05 Apr 2017

I'm of the opinion that it's a tough job that very few people would be capable of performing to a satisfactory level, hence the salary is multiple times the minimum wage. Compared to private sector jobs with similar responsibilities it's lowly paid and probably has fewer perks.

I think she should have taken the full salary the job was deemed to be worth and women shouldn't undersell themselves.

  Forum Editor 22:41 05 Apr 2017

"It's still way too much money"

That's the kind of remark that comes from someone who obviously doesn't have much idea about the enormous responsibility that goes with a job like this.

"Just stop and think how long it would take an average worker to earn £230,000."

An average worker is going to have nowhere near the ability and responsibility - what possible relevance has that kind of comparison? I don't want an average worker in charge of the Metropolitan Police - I want someone who is capable of doing the job.

  LastChip 11:21 06 Apr 2017

Believe me FE, when I say I have every idea of what goes with a job like that.

But for me it's a question of what is reasonable. As I hinted earlier, you could argue she is getting a pittance for her role, but just because the world has gone mad with executive pay, doesn't mean we all have to accept the status quo without complaint.

Nearly a quarter of a million pounds a year is (in my view) too much - simple as that. The idea that these sort of people are "special", in the main, is nonsense. They simply have an administrative ability which can be learned by anyone with common sense (and that applies to most main board directors too). There's no exceptional skill level here.

If you said to me a brain surgeon was worth £230,000 a year, I'd agree and probably advocate more. It's a question of the degree and the type of skill.

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