Credit Cards

  bluto1 18:54 08 Apr 2006

Hi all,
I`ve just read premier mans post and it has raised one question. AAre we afforded the same protection by our CC supplier when we use PayPal, say on Ebay?

  spuds 22:01 08 Apr 2006

How about supplying the link to premier mans thread!.

If you check PayPals terms and conditions, they suggest that you contact your credit card company in case of a dispute.

  bluto1 22:26 08 Apr 2006

Sorry, I haven`t a clue how to supply the required link, except to say it`s on the first page in Speakers Corner. Thanks for your answer, I`ll click as resolved

  SG Atlantis® 22:32 08 Apr 2006
  Forum Editor 00:21 09 Apr 2006

in two ways:-

1. To link to another forum thread, just go to the thread and click in the address bar of your browser, so that the full address of that thread is highlighted. Then, right click and select 'copy'. Now go back to your own post and right click at the point where you want the link to appear. The address will appear in full, but when your post appears in the forum our site code will have converted it to a blue 'click here' link.

2. You can do the same thing if you want to insert a link to another web page - just paste the full address of the external page into your post.

  aveylee 08:47 09 Apr 2006

You will probably not (never say never in law) be covered by section 70 of the Consumer Credit Act (1974). This is the section that makes Credit Cards 'jointly and severally' liable for purchases over £100.
In order for the section to apply there must be a 'DCS' arrangement. A (D)ebtor has an arrangement woth the Creditor (Credit Card), the (C)reditor has a relationship with the (S)upplier (the Seller accepts payment by CC), and finally the (S)upplier has a relationship with the Debtor (with whom the contract has been formed).
In the case of paypal there is no relationship between the Creditor and the Supplier. The Creditor has a relationship with Paypal, and Paypal has the relationship with the Supplier.
Under s.70 CCA the Credit Card is only responsible if 'Paypal' fail to deliver the service to the Debtor (you), i.e. Paypal take too much money or fail to pass it on to the supplier.
Summary - Paypal break the DCS link stopping s.70 cover. They will fob you off to the CC company, knowing full well (IMO) that you are not covered by statute. However you may be covered by the CC's contractual guarantees (such as online fraud protection).

  bluto1 14:00 09 Apr 2006

Thanks FE and all others.

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