CRB Checks

  morddwyd 08:31 02 May 2010

I noticed a news item the other night which showed players holding hands with small children while coming onto the pitch.

One assumes they, and all club officials involved, have had criminal record checks, or does this only apply to parents giving their childrens' friends a lift?

  dagbladet 08:50 02 May 2010

I'm assuming that you're maybe talking about when footballers come out holding hands with the little mascots. It happens at every league ground on every saturday and has done for years. What's the problem?

  dagbladet 08:55 02 May 2010

Sorry I failed to answer your question. Are the players CRB'd? I've no idea, but when my son and daughter both did the mascot thing (on separate occassions) I wasn't concerned in the least. BTW I give other people's kids a lift, i'm not CRB'd (at least not specifically for that). Other mums and dads give mine a lift. I have no idea if they are CRB'd and don't really care.

  Quickbeam 09:02 02 May 2010

CRB checks are primarily for when you take children into your care. ie, nurseries, taxi travel etc. In those cases, you have care of the child for a period of time, and you are responsible for their general safety and well being.

I would think most mascots have their parents nearby to be handed back to.

  bremner 09:05 02 May 2010

I would assume that the people at the clubs who actually look after the kids would be CRB checked.

The players who walk out of the changing room into a tunnel, hold the hand of a child in front of many other officials and fellow players and then walk that child into a public arena with untold thousands of spectators are quite sensibly not.

A parent who takes other children in the privacy of their own cars are quite clearly more of a risk.

  morddwyd 09:54 02 May 2010

Either the law requires that those in regular contact with children, other than their own, need CRB checks or not.

Regardless of how fleeting, or how many witnesses, the players have regular contact with children as part of their job.

Just for the record, I think the whole thing is a piece of nonsense, and while it probably does weed out some wrong 'uns, it is also responsible for frightening off thousands of responsible adults who might otherwise be tempted to help with their local youth groups.

My post was tongue in cheek.

  Quickbeam 10:12 02 May 2010

"...tongue in cheek."
What about politicians holding and kissing babies then, should they be CRB checked too?

  canarieslover 10:15 02 May 2010

At the speed CRB checks are made I reckon Rooney will have retired before he's comes through.
We have a childrens' school crossing outside our house and the crossing lady gave her notice last September and left in November. A neighbour applied for the job last September and is still waiting for her CRB check to be finalised. All this time we have had either a 'floating' crossing lady or a local bobby to see the children across the road.

  johndrew 10:15 02 May 2010

"What about politicians holding and kissing babies then, should they be CRB checked too?"

Perhaps some are already 'known' to police ;-)

  bremner 11:10 02 May 2010

The law defines activities with children that require a CRB as:

(a) any form of teaching, training or instruction of children, unless the teaching, training or instruction is merely incidental to teaching, training or instruction of persons who are not children;
(b) any form of care for or supervision of children, unless the care or supervision is merely incidental to care for or supervision of persons who are not children;
(c) any form of advice or guidance provided wholly or mainly for children, if the advice or guidance relates to their physical, emotional or educational well-being;
(d) any form of treatment or therapy provided for a child;
(e) moderating a public electronic interactive communication service which is likely to be used wholly or mainly by children;
(f) driving a vehicle which is being used only for the purpose of conveying children and any person supervising or caring for the children pursuant to arrangements made in prescribed circumstances.

Whree would a footballer who holds a childs hand for 30 seconds walking onto a football pitch feature?

  Quickbeam 11:26 02 May 2010

I think I'd put footballers as 'merely incidental', which begs the question, why do 'merely incidental' people get paid so much;)

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