Cracks appearing in the coalition government ?

  john 52 20:07 29 Oct 2010

This must be correct it was in the Mail :-)

click here

  spuds 23:09 29 Oct 2010

It wasn't just in the Mail, but other media reports as well.

There appears to be some considerable efforts in trying to break this coalition up, pity that certain people don't try to give it a chance.

  jakimo 23:58 29 Oct 2010

What a silly statement!

The Mail made no such claim

  Forum Editor 00:49 30 Oct 2010

although - like you - The Mail tried hard to make it appear that there is a rift between David Cameron and Nick Clegg over gifts.

Meaningless, empty-headed journalistic froth.

  Joseph Kerr 02:13 30 Oct 2010

Well, here's hoping there is one at some point, preferably soon, and preferably significant.

  john 52 08:42 30 Oct 2010


This was supposed to be a light hearted thread hence the smiley face !lighten up a bit after reading eleven pages of bickering and personal insults by the usual suspects on another thread I thought this was quite funny

I do not think anyone could take this article seriously

  morddwyd 08:46 30 Oct 2010

There are cracks in the coalition just as there are cracks in my sitting room.

That doesn't mean that either is about to collapse.

When they become fissures, or start to spread rapidly, is the time to start worrying!

  sunnystaines 08:49 30 Oct 2010

i would like to see the coalition work for the full term, then decided as to how good it was.

  john 52 09:39 30 Oct 2010

fourm member

Not up to your old tricks are you? !!!!!!

  Quickbeam 11:06 30 Oct 2010

There's a lot of people and sections media that can't quite grasp that the coalition must survive long enough for the two parties involved to be able to go to the country and not lose out big time at the next election.

No mater how bad things may be between them, there won't be an election anytime soon, 3/4 years?

I think all the coalition detractors are the ones that think we should return to the natural order of things. A term of the Tories followed by a term of Labour, followed by a term of Tories followed by a term of, erm... Labour, followed by... etc, etc, etc. With the inevitable downfall scandal and scorched earth handover that's become the norm for the 20th century

You never know the new political mould might just be the right thing for Britain in the end.

  Quickbeam 12:39 30 Oct 2010

"Because they are not understood by everybody"
I find it hard to believe that anyone using an internet forum in 2010 doesn't know of such things.

OTOH I don't embrace txt spk @ all m8e... That's just terrible:(

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