Coverage of the FA Premiership

  def90csw 19:28 09 Oct 2006

Why in some Sunday papers do you get page after page of what’s happened in the Premiership, who's broken a toe, who's going out with some blonde from a crap pop group or those poor players only on 25k a week scraping a living.

What about The Championship & Leagues 1 & 2 or do they not count!

  kev d 19:32 09 Oct 2006

In a word (or three): Not as much

  bremner 20:00 09 Oct 2006

In the 2005/6 season the average attendance of games for the Championship, 1st and 2nd divisions added together was 30,629.

The average attendance in the Premiership was 33,875. click here

I want to sell my Newspapers so what do I fill them with - what the punters want to read.

  Jak_1 20:01 09 Oct 2006

There is a big gulf between the Premiership the Championship and leagues 1 & 2, in quality, performance and money. In short, the Premiership sells, it has it all. The big names, the controversy and the glamour. Take for instance Joey Barton's now famous 'Blue Moon'! Would that have created much media attention if Manchester City were still a league 2 (now league 1) club? I think not.
Rightly or wrongly the Premiership commands much of the media attention because the Premiership has big names and big money and better quality players overall.

  Fred the flour grader 21:49 09 Oct 2006

I don't think there is much of a gap in the standard of football played as there once was. I also think the skill level of today is far lower than even the mid eighties but definately the seventies. I love watching the stuff from that era with Goerge Best and going through to people like Charlie George and Kevin Keegan.
If you can play for three or four seasons as a below average pro in the premier league now, you are made for life and I think that stinks.
Last week, I went and watched a local pub team play along the road and really enjoyed it, it's what football should be all about proper tackles and a team playing for the good of the game not themselves.
I think agents have ruined the professional game now and although I don't support Man U I admire Paul Scholes, who is the only player in the premier league to represent himself and not have an agent. It's a pity more of these skill lacking, underperforming and overpaid prima donna's done the same.

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