Cover-up by the Vatican?

  Forum Editor 16:11 29 Sep 2012

The trial of the Pope's butler started today - he's the man who is accused of stealing confidential documents from the Pope's desk and leaking the contents to a journalist who subsequently wrote a book about corruption in the Vatican.

Paolo Gabriele has admitted that he knew taking the documents was wrong but he felt the Holy Spirit was inspiring him to shed light on the problems he saw around him.

So far, so good, but the Vatican judges have refused to admit any evidence from Paolo's defence lawyers, saying they will rely solely on evidence from Vatican Police and the Vatican prosecutor. It's about as blatant a case of denying a person the right to defend himself as I've seen yet. It's a classic cover-up of course - the Vatican is terrified that details of corrupt practices amongst senior Vatican figures will be made public.

  Kevscar1 16:52 29 Sep 2012

Nothing new there then, been going on for centuaries

  woodchip 16:55 29 Sep 2012

Kevscar1 Fully Agree. Not for much longer

  Forum Editor 17:05 29 Sep 2012

This has been the biggest security breach at the Vatican within living memory, and probably of all time.

Corruption may have been going on for centuries, but the theft (from his desk) and publication of the Pope's private documents has not.

  zzzz999 17:33 29 Sep 2012

If its all been published in a book what's to keep secret? You'd think it was the Masons!

  Al94 17:35 29 Sep 2012

Mr Gabriele has told investigators that he stole and leaked the documents because he was appalled by the "evil and corruption" within the Vatican, which he described as "the kingdom of hypocrisy".

The sooner this corrupt "cult" is exposed for what it really is - the better. But the chances are I would say, slim.

  interzone55 18:00 29 Sep 2012

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition...

  WhiteTruckMan 20:30 29 Sep 2012

A conspiracy theorist's wet dream.


  Aitchbee 20:58 29 Sep 2012

These unholy revelations at the Vatican remind me of Watergate, when the US President had no other option, but to stand down.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:16 29 Sep 2012

Interesting comparison Aitchbee. But has any pontif in history ever stood down?


  Aitchbee 21:29 29 Sep 2012

WTM - I must confess it hasn't happened recently ... but was not Watergate 'a first' regarding Richard Nixon's resignation?

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