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  Kate B 16:52 21 Sep 2004

Further to Brainbox's post about the magazine, does anyone ever use any of the software on the cover discs? I'd like to see the option to buy the magazine without the disc - and of course for less wonga - as I never, ever install stuff off cover discs: I hate my machine getting clogged up with duff/indifferent trial versions that then bug me to register ad nauseam.

Or perhaps I'm wrong and I've missed out on loads of wonderful software?

  Shas 17:24 21 Sep 2004

For the most part I agree with what you say Kate B, although on a couple of occasions one or two things on the discs have come in handy.

What springs to mind mostly was when for some reason a download of Ad-Aware, although it installed ok, just wouldn't open, (illegal operation and all that.) Luckily it was on one of the freebie discs and I was able to install it from that with no problems.

  JonnyTub 17:27 21 Sep 2004

I rarely use the cover disk for my own purposes but i do catalogue them for when i need to install freebies onto their machine such as zonealarm, avg or perhaps a trial version of partition magic.

  JonnyTub 17:29 21 Sep 2004

spelling "onto their" should read "onto a friends"

  JayDay 17:54 21 Sep 2004

Not sure how much of a saving you would get. Mass produced CD's full of free/trial software won't cost PCA much. It would probably cost PCA more to publish two different copies of the mag. Different price etc.

Incidentally I purchased issue 2 of PCA because of the cover disk and have got every issue since.

I agree that much of the content is not much use. But over the years I have found so gems.

  Kate B 17:57 21 Sep 2004

Glad some of you have found useful things on the discs - I must admit I once found an invaluable little utility to print various sizes of pictures on to one sheet. But otherwise much of it seems to me to be rubbish, and worse, rubbish that doesn't uninstall properly.

I have so many cover discs, if they were placed in a pile on top of each other they would be almost as high as my pile of AOL discs.:)

  JayDay 18:09 21 Sep 2004

More cover disks than AOL disks? Don't believe you!! ;)

  oresome 19:03 21 Sep 2004

PC Advisor arrived onto an already crowded market and I seem to remember was to be differentiated by the quality of the cover disc. Judging by the reponses so far, they seem to have failed.

Am I right in thinking it started off at 99p which was another differentiator?

I primarily buy the magazine to provide a couple of hours entertainment. Sometimes I / we can get another couple of hours from a general knowledge quiz or similar on the cover disc which enhances the value of the magazine.

I'm sorry to say I haven't bought a PC mag for age's, but when I did buy them it was usually because of a particular program on the cover disc. The same "exclusive" programs seem to do the rounds of most of the mags.

  Andybear 21:11 22 Sep 2004

I used to buy an internet mag(which is still around)and you had the option of buying it with or without a cover disk. The magazine without the disk cost £1 less than with. Given a choice I'd go for a magazine without a cover disk any time - they all go straight in the bin.

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