Court hears brain tumour boy case.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:06 08 Dec 2012

As someone who has had extremely intensive chemo/radiation treatment I can sympathise with both sides. In my case the side effect were horrendous and have left me permanently impaired, what made it worse was the lack of information from the consultants who I felt looked at me purely as a condition and not as a person and certainly did not take in to consideration my quality of life following my treatment.

But this story is not about me this is about a young lad with his whole life ahead of him and of course his mother want him to have the best quality of life as is possible. But he has a very nasty health problem which requires difficult treatment with possible devastating side effects.

I would not like to be in this position, the judge has an almost impossible task as he surely cannot look at this case purely as a legal matter. Predicting side effects is impossible as each patient reacts very differently. (There was a guy with the same cancer had the same treatment as me, three months after treatment he is eating biscuits and drinking tea whereas I will never eat food again). So it is impossible to know how the lad will react to this very poisonous treatment.

Does the treatment take place and hope for the best or accept that there might well be very unpleasant side effects and go ahead with it anyway. Or accept the inevitable result of no treatment?

A very difficult issue indeed.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:54 08 Dec 2012

As I understand it, she wants to use 'natural remedies' to treat the boy.

I have not heard that on any news channel or read that. Most odd.

  Chronos the 2nd 13:20 08 Dec 2012

she researched the condition online.

As I did my condition, as the information given by my consultants was at best minimal and at worst misleading.

As for the rest,really not much evidence.

  bremner 14:30 08 Dec 2012

The BBC report of todays hearing says the mother agreed he should have chemo but not radio therapy.

The judge has postponed his ruling until 18th December..

  spuds 18:17 08 Dec 2012

Possibly completely off subject to this boys condition,and I apologies for that, but more to do perhaps with other remedies and requests?.

Scientist's at the University of Leicester have recently proved that red wine, or a content of that, can cure cancer on mice, and they are now in the stages of testing on humans.

There was also another report in the Sunday Mirror (16/09/2012) about a man who as supposedly cured himself from an incurable colon cancer, and a scan result from North Tees Hospital may have confirmed this. After having chemo and all the other treatments, he did some searching on the internet, and came up with some surprising facts. In his case, a combination of organic apricot kernels, curcumin tablets, barley grass powder, selenium tablets, vitamin c tablets were part of his self imposed treatment. Part of the treatment also included altering his needs for red meat and dairy products.

I am only quoting the above from media and press release, so its up to any individual if they want to check further.

On a personal note, I have had operations and treatment for skin cancer about 3/4 years ago, using orthodox methods, and the results from that seems to have worked so far, with no signs of return.

Perhaps going a little further on the subject of cancer or any other present day major killer, possibly like heart disease. I wonder how many patients who have taken various treatments, have actually taken time to find out about research, or how they might or can help. Sometimes hospitals and universities require help and assistance,because they do not fully understand the facts, yet they may not always show willing on approaching people in requesting their services or help in a medical and scientific research project?.

  morddwyd 21:12 08 Dec 2012

Typical fm poorly researched answer.

Donkeys don't quack!

  spuds 21:33 08 Dec 2012

fourm member

But did you really have asthma?.

A number of years ago, my GP told me I had asthma, and put me on the various sprays. Two 'specialist' asthma nurses turned up at the GP's surgery, did various test, then informed me that I did not have asthma, but something else.

The GP would not accept this, and the sprays have remained on my repeat prescription list ever since. I only use the sprays on extremely rare occasions, usually very hot days, and only a couple of puffs at that. The GP as never asked why I don't request repeat supplies or use the sprays like he said I should?.

  spuds 21:53 08 Dec 2012

Whoops, don't know what happened there- posted before completion?.

I was going to add that I suppose like most things, everything can be a mystery in life. But if it works for some - good luck?.


Regarding my earlier post at 6.17pm. I am on a Biomedical Research program for heart problems, and by being involved in that, it's surprising what is still unknown about the heart, even though people are having heart operations every day, or taking medication for same. But at the same time new ideas are being discovered, yet not fully tried and tested, due to lack of volunteers.

  lotvic 21:56 08 Dec 2012

I thought everyone knew that extract of donkey hide, E Jiao(concentrated extract powder) (Equus asinus gelatin)(Donkey hide gelatin) is used as a blood tonic. I've never heard of it being used for asthma.

  BT 09:16 09 Dec 2012

I understand the lady's concerns about Radiotherapy, that it may have consequences for the boys future, but its really a case of whether the boy will recover without it or not. I think that its her choice but she must consider that without it the outcome could be for the worse, and although the boy is only young, he may well be old enough to understand and should have a say.

On the subject of alternative remedies, I suffer from Gout, mainly in my finger joints, and although I receive medication from the Doctor (Alopurinol) I started taking Montmorency Cherry extract about a year ago after reading good reports about it on Gout websites. I don't know whether its this or a combination of both but, touch wood, I haven't had a bout since and the swellings have all but disappeared. The capsules aren't cheap RRP about £24 for 60 but I've found a place where I can get them for £16.95, but I'm happy to pay this to avoid the pain. Interestingly when I was in Hospital recently the Pharmacist was quite interested in them when checking my meds.

  spuds 09:31 09 Dec 2012

fourm member

Regarding the 'oxygen therapy', this as been known and tried for many years, and further treatments are being 'discovered' using oxygen therapy. About 3 miles from where I live, there is such an establishment, which people from all over the country visit. The appointment book is always full, and I am rather surprised that the establishment hasn't expanded to bigger premises, taking into consideration that this is a private investor project. Whether they get referrals from the NHS or other private hospitals I wouldn't know.

But mentioning the above, then we might as well mention meat and dairy products,plus other daily ingredients which seem to have expert judgements made for and against, as to how wise the public are about those products?.

And that comes down to the subject I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of medical work going on every day, yet there are very few people who want to volunteer for any trials, which may or may not resolve some of the issues we are faced with?.

Regarding the asthma thing, I realised what you were hinting at, I just added my own personal experiences about expert advice and possible cures, which don't always go together. Perhaps the Shamen of this world might have some of the answers we and the scientist's seek?.

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