Couple more suggestions for the new-look site

  Kate B 16:43 06 Nov 2005

Just to collat the suggestions I've made on various threads.

Some forums have a facility whereby you can read the first few lines of the first post in a balloon when you hover your mouse over the thread title. I'd love to see this on PCA - it saves a lot of clicking to and fro, particularly when thread titles aren't very clear about their content.

The leading between thread titles is much better, but I still think it needs to be looked at on the threads themselves.

It would be good to see on the thread list when the latest post was made and by who

It would also be nice to see who is online.

Er, I think that's it. Anyone else?

  bremner 17:03 06 Nov 2005

The latest posting time and date is shown already.
Where is the additional benefit to know by whom.


What benefit does knowing who is online bring?

So many other forums are full of useless information, mind numbing Avatars, smilies and animated gif's and stupid member titles like Forum God, etc.

I think one reason for the success of this forum is it's lack of pretention and it's simplicity.

  Simsy 17:11 06 Nov 2005

the balloons idea, was present on this site when it first started.

It was removed several years ago as it was a drain on resources, (if I remember the reason correctly!)



  Teaboy 17:14 06 Nov 2005

I support bremner's stand but, disagreement should not discourage members ideas. Therefore I also support Kate B.

  GaT7 17:22 06 Nov 2005

Kate B, Similar requests have been made several times in the past. Unfortunately, I doubt they'll be introduced (or re-introduced) though I can sympathise with your requests.

This forum click here, has all the features you're asking for (& more), & no mouse-hovering required : ). Look at bottom right for the 'Currently Active Users' list (users also have the option to remain 'invisible' if he/she so desires). As it has all your asking for, you're not going to rush over & leave us, are you?! No, being the forum that it is, I cannot really see you do it ; ) - but then again I may be wrong!

The new look PCA forum is growing on me (didn't like it initially), though I still miss the 'Latest threads' column on the left. G

  PaulB2005 17:40 06 Nov 2005

I prefer the "lightweight" version with no bells and whistles. I think a faster site is of better value than one that has loads of bells and whistles.

"particularly when thread titles aren't very clear about their content." If the thread title isn't clear then what are the chances that the first two lines will give any additional insight?

Currently it takes no time at all to pop into a thread read the first few lines and then pop out again if i want to. Balloons and lists of who's on-line will slow things down again. Besides in the days of broadband just because someone "on-line" doesn't mean they are at the PC, so i can't see the benefit.

Finally, and i think it's been said already, but the date / time of the last posting is already displayed.

  VCR97 18:18 06 Nov 2005

I'd like to see the search results in date order as they used to be.

  Forum Editor 18:19 06 Nov 2005

in knowing who's online. At any time there may be thousands of people logged in, and what good would it do to know who?

We used to have the balloons with text previews, and they added a somewhat unnecessary load to the server. I know other forums do it, but with respect they probably don't have anything like our traffic.

We think that we have now arrived at the point where the site is reasonably balanced in terms of facilities to speed, and we aren't planning any further major changes. Let's leave it to run for a while now, and we can review performance in a few months.

  CurlyWhirly 19:47 06 Nov 2005

I am *very* pleased with the look of the site now as my one niggle was the light grey text which I found hard to read on a dark grey background, but this has now been fixed and along with the general speed of the site, this is a major improvement IMHO.

'Your postings' is still slow but never times out like it did before and anyway I can live with this as I only occasionally use this option.

Are there any plans to bring back 'Latest threads' as I used to find it handy?

  Forum Editor 19:51 06 Nov 2005

See the post above yours.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:08 06 Nov 2005

Have hit the nail on the head.

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